Rainforest – Kate Woodman Photoshop Action Walkthrough I PRO EDU

Rainforest – Kate Woodman Photoshop Action Walkthrough I PRO EDU

– Hi, everyone. I’m Kate with RDG EDU, and
today, I’m gonna show you how to load our rainforest
action in Photoshop. (smooth music) So, first of all, if you’ve
never used actions before, there are a couple of ways
to get to our actions panel. The first one is to click
this little arrow over here, and that’ll open that up. Or we can go to our Windows
tab and down to actions, and that will open that up there. So you’ll see right now that
the actions tab is empty, and we’re gonna load our first
rainforest action in there. So to do that, we’re
gonna click our tab here and go down to load actions. If you’ve just downloaded the
action, you can check your downloads folder, or you can
save them to your own folder. Just make sure you know where they are. So I’m gonna go to my folder
here and go down to Rainforest and click open, and you’ll
see in our actions panel here now, we’ve got a set,
and if we expand that, here is our first action. And so, to run this, we just
hit our play button here, and we’ve loaded our first action. So let’s delve in and take a
little bit of a deeper look on what the Rainforest action
is actually doing here. I’m just gonna close this
guy so you can see the image, and if I toggle this on and off, you’ll notice a couple
things are happening. One, we’re increasing the
saturation significantly. So if you take a look at
the greens and the blues in particular, we’re adding
a lot of depth and richness by increasing saturation. You’ll also notice that her
saturation in her skin tone and in her clothing is also increasing. When I designed this particular action, I had in mind sort of a commercial look. To me, that means something
a little bit more high key. You bring in that saturation
and really make it pop, and then you brighten it to
have this light area effect. So if I expand this down here, notice that we’ve got a
couple different groups. And we start down here with
adding contrast and saturation. And as you can see, each
of these individual layers are named, so you’ll be able
to have an understanding of what each of them
is going to accomplish. So for here, we’ve got
balance of luminosity, and what this is gonna do
is it’s going to affect our saturation and the
luminosity of the greens. This particular action works really well for any kind of landscape
image or something that has a lot of green in it. I know a lot of photographers
struggle with greens in particular in imagery,
so this is gonna have a really nice effect on that. Again, you’ll see some layers
on brightening shadows, adding some vibrancy and warmth. All of these different layers
are gonna build up subtly, and then, eventually, it’s
gonna create this really nice well-balanced saturation
increase and contrast increase. Instead of just taking
the hue/saturation slider and cranking up saturation,
this is gonna have a much more subtle
effect and is gonna have a nice, more uniform color consistency. And then, basically, what
I’ve done is I’ve duplicated that group, just to amplify
that a little bit more. And if you look at the
image and you say, okay, well maybe this is taking
it a little bit too far, you can toggle this on and off. So that kind of backs
that down a little bit. We still get the saturation increase and the contrast increase, it’s
still a little bit brighter, but it’s a little bit more subtle than if we had the action
running at full speed. I just want to point out,
too, that all of these layers are labeled in a way that you should have a decent understanding
of what is happening when you toggle that layer on and off. So if you want to make an
adjustment to a particular aspect, you may be able to just go in
and scroll through and say, you know what, maybe there’s
too much contrast in the image, I’m gonna turn this off. And that way, even if you don’t
necessarily know how to use a particular layer, or
you’re not familiar with how curves work, you’ll be able
to identify, through the label of that layer, how that is
going to affect the image. So you’ll also notice a third group here, and this is the fix green cast group. And this is really
great for images like… This one, for instance,
where we have a lot of green in the background and we have
a white or a neutral dress or maybe some skin tones
that are directly adjacent to those greens tones,
and what happens is, you get kind of a cast from the green. So I’m gonna run this action
real quick here, and you see what’s happening is, in this
area, maybe under her arm, or in the side of the dress
here, we’re getting some of that green cast that is kind of a relic of what happens with the action. And so, if we expand this and
select our fix screen cast layers here, I’ve masked
this out for you so we can paint back in, and if
you can take your brush on our white here, and then
you can just start to gently paint back in and get rid of
some of that green cast here. And so I want to go to
the skirt area, over here. Under her arm, she’s got
a little bit of green. And I’m gonna do kind of
a quick job for you here, just so you can get the
idea, but if you’re shooting against a lot of green, a
lot of times you’re gonna have problems with cast, so
I wanted to give you guys the options of being
able to manipulate that. We toggle the fix green
cast group on and off. We’ve now pretty much eliminated the green cast on the dress. This also works great for
just a regular landscape shot. If we run this here, this
really brightens up the image. A lot of people are really
afraid of saturation, and this particular action solves a
lot of that problem for you, and it creates these beautiful green tones without looking overly
saturated or overdone. So this particular action may
not be the best if you have a subject matter that’s a little
bit more serious or somber. That particular action is
really great for, like, a landscape shot like
this that you want to add a lot of life and dimension to. It’s great for something more
commercial, like our cyclist. So if that’s the sort of
aesthetic that you’re going for, this is a really powerful action. (smooth music)

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