Registered Nurse – Cool Jobs

Registered Nurse – Cool Jobs

> When you went into nursing school what
did she go in for? You’re helping someone and it just makes you feel good. I’m what you call a group facilitator. I
work at our treatment mall which is where our patients go for
groups or during the week for education, I teach a group where we do a wellness recovery action plan group with of our patients they’re learning to create their own
wellness recovery plan. We do a preventive health
care class, how to prevent different
illnesses, physical illnesses, as well as any
behavioral illnesses. we do work with social workers,
psychologists, rehabilitation people or recreational type people. Losing the taboo that mental illness has had… Anybody could have a mental
illness. When you help them to understand that life’s going to go on and we’re going to help you manage that and you’re going to be okay. That’s a good feeling. I asked and some of the patients today to list some qualities that they
would want to see in a nurse. One patient said that a nurse needs to
be knowledgeable about medications, their side affects, and know about
alternative treatments. Nurses that are compassionate was important to them. And just feeling comfortable. It’s
important that they feel safe. Safety is our number one, it’s our number one thing here. Being safe. If you want a more general knowledge
working with different people and mental health and behavioral health
sector then working for the state is the best option. There’s different opportunities to go to
a different type of unit, whether it be medical care unit, or working with adolescents, or working with the geriatric population, long-term care, acute care settings, male, females. When you’re educating a patient,
you’re helping them manage their illness. They realize that hey you know these people are here to help me. That’s
the best part. You can sleep a little bit better, sleep
better at night.

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