Renewable energy in 60 seconds. EXPO 2017

Renewable energy in 60 seconds. EXPO 2017

what is renewable energy it is defined as any energy source that does not run out or which can always be replenished in less than 60 seconds we will show you the six most common forms of renewable energy let’s do this solar energy because the Sun is always going to be there and if it isn’t we have a bigger problem to worry about wind power to get something positive out of those annoying windy days as long as we’ve got the moon tidal power can generate energy from the regularly occurring rise and fall of the time it turns out water is quite important because it is used again in hydro power water is released from a river dam spinning a turbine and creating energy in the process geothermal because we live on top of a fireball so we may as well use the heat for something and biomass which turns living things into energy no no not people pouring things like one prescribes particular crops and manure as you can see each of these solutions take a resource we already have and uses human technology to harness them into energy the energy that we need to power our lives find out more about renewable energy and the innovative sustainable solutions for tomorrow by visiting Astana Expo 2017 in Kazakhstan from June 10th to September 10th

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