Renewable energy on the agenda at CottonInfo Big Day Out, Gunnedah

Renewable energy on the agenda at CottonInfo Big Day Out, Gunnedah

Cotton growers are keen to explore alternative
and renewable energy sources. CotttonInfo’s 2015 Big Day Out at Scott Morgan’s, ‘Kensal
Green’, Gunnedah attracted 80 visitors who heard from auditors, specialists and providers.
Scott says his pumping requirements extend just over three months a year and this provides
an opportunity for peer-to-peer energy supply in the future. He’s also encouraged by the
labour savings alternative energy have provided to his business. I really had two advantages with the system that I have in place now. I guess the big
one is the labour saving costs and the other one is now I have the ability to expand on
renewables, so put more solar panels in because it’s all electric motors. In the future solar energy
will come down in price and that will make it more viable. With the travelling irrigator, the lateral irrigator, the biggest problem I looked at
was water security. If you get a power blackout, if there’s a large windstorm and you’re without
power for two days, you just don’t have the luxury to wait for two days for the lateral-move
irrigator. You’re working on an knife edge all the time. One of the design things that
I implemented was to have the ability to have reserve water in storage dams so that gave
me the security of knowing that if power does go out I still have that water in the reserve
to continue irrigating. The aim of the day was to help cotton growers
reduce greenhouse emissions and increase sustainability.

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