Renewable Energy Trainer (HRET-01)

Renewable Energy Trainer (HRET-01)

horizons renewable energy trainer is our most advanced platform for engaging engineering and technical students in the exciting fields of solar wind and hydrogen energy with more than 25 interactive modules available instructors can provide hours of customizable advanced engineering content for their students the photovoltaic cells and their accompanying modules support experiments such as optimizing panel angle for seasonal and diurnal variations panel shading bypass diode effect and more the innovative wind technology simulation allows for wind turbine experiments without the need for actual wind including the ability to change wind speed vary the turbine load and simulate braking effects and the exclusive hydrogen technology module includes a desktop electrolyzer and metal hydride canisters for safe and easy hydrogen generation and storage combined the fuel cell with our linear potentiometer module to observe the fuel cell's behavior under different loads and construct an IV curve data from all of these modules can be gathered by the included simulation software with visual guides to illustrate experiments and the option of exporting data for further analysis for example you can use an oscilloscope with the isolated measurement module or connect a laptop with the data acquisition module and use LabVIEW or similar software to view your data the included curriculum provides a semesters worth of activities suitable for high school vocational technical education through University level engineering and technical courses including nab SEP coursework if your students need the best in electrical and environmental engineering science you need the renewable energy trainer only from Rison

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