Research expedition on icebreaker Oden: Arctic Ocean 2018

Research expedition on icebreaker Oden: Arctic Ocean 2018

The climate in the Arctic is changing faster than anywhere else on earth One of the clearest consequenses of global warming is shrinking sea ice Clouds play an important role in the Arctic climate They reflect and spread radiation from the sun and the earth which controls how the sea ice freezes and melts A cloud consists of very small water droplets or crystals or a combination of the two For a cloud to form the wind, humidity and temperature must be right. There must also be small particles in the air known as aerosols on which the cloud droplets can form when the water vapour in the air condences July 2018 is the start of the Swedish-American research expedition Arctic Ocean 2018 The icebreaker Oden will be making its way far up into the Arctic Ocean and remain moored by a large ice floe for one month During thist time, the researchers will be taking samples from the sea the ice and the air. The researchers will use these samples to find out more about how the water, ice and air affect each other and cloud formation in the Arctic This will help them better understand how climate change is affecting the Arctic and how the changes in the Arctic are affecting the global climate system.

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  1. There are thousands of ice breaker expeditions into the Arctic annually. From outer space, the water appears black, which is 100 percent light absorbing, which increases the amount of solar energy absorbed in those regions. This phenomena has been demonstrated on a microcosm scale on a frozen lake where the broken ice melts away much faster than where it is not broken. It is a matter that the study and invasive ice breaking are major contributors of the very thing being studied…basically, mauling the thing being studied to death with the study. Man is pretty stupid, thinking themselves to be wise, they became as fools.

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