Researchers confirm: Liking cats is a sign of very high intelligence

Researchers confirm: Liking cats is a sign of very high intelligence

researchers confirm liking cats as a sign of very high intelligence please subscribe to our Channel having pets is absolutely amazing it can cheer you up when you're feeling sad or come home tired from work it happens to everyone but then you open the door and meet that little ball of fur that just emanates love and happiness many animals are more intelligent than we think and in any case I claim that both my dog and my cat realize when I'm happy or sad that's how it feels at least to me they are also best friends and seemed to understand and care about each other the question then is what does it says about yourself if you are a pet owner I've never really thought about that LLL admit but earlier today I encountered research that shows that most people who like cats in general are very intelligent dogs and cats are the most common domestic animals in most countries for example in Sweden the question of which of the two animals you prefer as a real classic I think most people have an answer to that question however I myself belonged to the few who don't really know at home we have both a dog and a cat and I could never choose between them 600 students recently however a study by researcher Denis ghost ello reveals the differences between the people who like dogs and the people who like cats according to unil and psychoanalyst Steve McEwen who founded both the mine fixers organization and the well known McEwen clinic says the study was conducted on 600 students it was found that dog people are more social and extroverted whereas cat lovers are more sensitive and open-minded it also turned out that those who prefer cats are more neurotic more educated he continues furthermore cat people tend to stand for what they think no matter what the environment says which may indicate that they are more independent the survey also reveals that those who like cats in general have a higher intelligence and are more educated they have a greater chance of completing university studies says Steve McEwan the study states that cats are usually more independent than dogs which can be a major factor to cat owners having more time available for other things like studying and working exciting conclusions the question is now what happens if you love both cats and dogs the study doesn't cover it but you can think that you have both social skills and high intelligence jokes aside this study of course has to be taken with a grain of salt there is clearly no definite truth at the same time I think it's fascinating and exciting to reach these kinds of conclusions and in any case I think this was really fun to know do you like cats too then press the share button to help spread this important information about our incredibly high intelligence

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31 thoughts on “Researchers confirm: Liking cats is a sign of very high intelligence

  1. I respect dogs, and what they bring to its owner.
    But cats, are harder to tame, gain their trust and gain their loyalty. And once you tame them, and break that wall, so they trust you and are loyal to you. it's so much more fulfilling. Patience is everything with cats.

  2. I love cats and I'm the dumbest person I've ever met.

    I don't think that makes sense…

  3. What? Are you kidding? Some of the dumbest people in the world have cats. Ever try to teach a cat a trick? I have two cats and they are worthless.

  4. You mean to say all the craps who have cats in their houses are geniuses ?
    That means Stephen Hawking was a Dumb Ass..!!

  5. I am a lover of cats. However, I stopped rearing them as pets when one of my cats was killed by dogs. I couldn't bear to see her Stony eyes when I saw her dead. That was 35 years back. I dare not withstand death of a pet.

  6. I have four cats and a dog. I have a very happy home. Both the cats and my dog are very intelligent. I love them dearly.

  7. I have 12 Cats ~ Theyre my Family and Im theirs ! My home is always Happy and Full of Life … and doesnt even have the slightest Cat smell.

  8. I agree. That must be why we have 23 cats. All of them are spayed and neutered. Also, they have gotten regular rabies shots and regular vet visits. I love them very much.

  9. The real intelligence is knowing your animal personally. I've had cats, dogs, cows, and chickens. They all gave me great joy and sadness when they left it world. All loving pet owers are intelligent. I love all pet owners.

  10. Oh God I am special after all I didn't know it nobody lets me know it but I am very partial to cats ever since I was an infant maybe I can be somebody now too bad I'm 59 and a half years old better late than never

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