Researchers Created Mind Controlling Monkeys

Researchers Created Mind Controlling Monkeys

A monkey just mind controlled another monkey,
so basically we now live in a nightmare future where no monkey’s actions can ever fully be
trusted. [MUSIC] Anthony Carboni here for DNews and a team
at Harvard Medical School implanted a chip into the brain of a monkey that monitored
the activity of 100 neurons in its brain. A second, sedated monkey had 36 electrodes
implanted in its spinal cord- and the two were hooked up via computer, allowing the
first monkey to control the movements of the second. The sedated monkey held a joystick, and the
master monkey was able to make it move that joystick towards goals on a screen with 98%
efficiency. The goal, of course, being an army of mind-controlled monkey assassins. Okay, no- the goal is to help people suffering
from limited or full paralysis due to spinal damage to regain full range of motion. Do
more testing and refinement, make more advanced and smaller versions of the chip and electrodes,
and put them into a human. That. Is. Amazing. Also sorta creepy at first thought. Someone
with… a less than optimistic view of human nature might think this could be used as a
form of mind control. The team says that because this just controls basic movement, not thoughts
or intentions, and because an able-bodied person would still have their own brain-spine
connections and control their own muscles, no one’s going to be hijacking anyone else’s
body anytime soon. Or maybe that’s what the monkeys told them
to say. This sort of augmented brain/body control
has seen a lot of advancements in a really short amount of time. In 2008, University
of Pittsburgh and Carnegie Mellon researchers were able to use a cruder implementation of
this technology to have a monkey control a robot arm, and in 2012, Brown University showed
paralyzed people using a more advanced version the the same brain/robot arm combo. The chip in the brain is connected to a person-
or primate’s- motor neurons, which send directions to the limbs and body. Researchers check what
directions the motor neurons send and how a functioning body responds- and try to make
the chip and electrodes match up to the same call and response. This is the first time it’s worked in a living
thing- and even though the team is optimistic, they say a full brain/body control system
with precise, natural movement is really far off. Hey, Anthony, why’d they use two monkeys and
sedate one? Good question, Catie Wayne from Animalist
news. They used two monkeys because they didn’t want to paralyze one for life just to run
the test. Seems legit. But I wonder how humane testing
like this is overall. You… you already have a video about that
at Animalist News, don’t you? YYYYYUP Well, then, I guess this is where I tell eveyrone
to check it out over on YYYYYYYYYYYYUP Will you make some Avatar references, since
I didn’t? YYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYUP What do you guys think of this? Spooky or
spectacular? Let us know down below and subscribe for more DNews.

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100 thoughts on “Researchers Created Mind Controlling Monkeys

  1. @0:41 Rrriiiiggghhht. Let's all keep telling ourselves that. Just don't be surprised to wake up one day thinking that you just had a hangover from last night and then finding out that a prominent figure just got killed as you watch the news and have the authorities knocking at your door.

  2. Excellent, so:
    (1) if they're spine is damaged…. we just add a chip for control.
    (2) otherwise we damage their spine… then we just add a chip for control.

  3. the first yup = funny
    second yup = not funny/kind of annoying/let it die with dignity
    third yup = annoying/trying way to hard.

  4. My great-uncle Spike has been paralyzed ever since he fell very hard off his roof in his 40's. All mind control jokes aside, my heart would be filled if doctors could artificially re-connect his brain to his spinal cord.

  5. So could this work for artificial limbs as well? say instead of being paralyzed, there is an amputee, could something similar to this serve the same purpose?

  6. Can we not have the super annoying super childish girl on here anymore? She gives me a headache every time she opens her mouth.

  7. Hey DNews! Can you promote the app "Play To Cure"? It's a interactive game and when people play it, they help analyze data for cancer! You get to have fun and help cure cancer at the same time. And it's free! Thumbs this up so we can spread this message and possibly revolutionize the world!

  8. can you do an episode explaining why some people's eyes see in different shades? Like my right eye sees colors in warm hues, and my left eye sees colors slightly in slightly cooler hues.

  9. I have a question for you guys: How were the tectonic plates created ? If Pangaea was the super continent from which all modern continents are formed, what caused it to split the way that it did and not in a more fragmented structure?

  10. Yes, these things start off as a small idea that works on a small scale, but they soon evolve into something else which is undesirable for everyone.

  11. Our brains are second fastest computer?? Whatever id like to see a computer take down an impala or catch a bird out of the air lol it doesnt have that kind of calculating power… But the brain interface is fast enough like say a person controlling another person or animal

  12. wow, having to turn down my volume for complete obnoxiousness. if i keep encountering this I'm just going to stop watching D news… in other words.. tell the yup girl to hone it in…please! 

  13. Been subscribed for awhile now….but you're recent choice in terrible guest hosts is forcing me to unsubscribe. Still some cool information, but I'm choosing to get it elsewhere.

  14. LOL, simple; paralyze them by hacking into the superior section of the spinal cord then implant the device while they are still unconscious.

  15. The way she open her throat and says YUUUP is how she finished me off last night..Every last drop…. 3 times
    …. She like's her protein.
    On a more serious note… Why the hell is it so [email protected]#kin hard for D-News to find some one to replace Laci…Starting to think there incompetent… I mean I could pull turds out my @ss that do better then they's girls do… The guys aint much better., but thats for a nother day.

  16. My friend works for a hospital/college and a branch of that hospital researches using monkeys and such. On a wall they have a big poster of a monkey and a little girl with the words, "Which would you choose?"

    (Please no hate, I in no way indorse animal testing. I'm just a messenger.)

  17. You're only 40 years too late on this news.  Sorry.  They been doing this on cats since the 70's and 80's.  And used cats that were already paralyzed.

  18. I like how he says someone with a less than optimistic view of nature would see it as mind control, lol, whats this video called again? Sure, it doesn't control thoughts just movements of other "monkeys" this guys an idiot, he needs to be more objective, subjective journalism always fails

  19. going through tons of DNews vids to make myself smarter.
    wait, is that?
    aaaand that sets me back a few months.

  20. So when do I get my Iron Man exo-skeleton? This is one of those cases where experimenting on monkeys is more useful than using lower order animals or simulations so I can support it. This could lead to all sorts of treatments for paralysis and prosthetic limbs.

  21. If you make a controlled environment which you can teach a monkey the benefits of fire. Ex. Teach it to start a fire in a cold environment and getting it to understand it can keep warm next to the fire. And then release this monkey with the new knowledge in a population of other monkeys. What would happen? Will it pass on the knowledge? Find new benefits over time? Speed up it's evolution? Or nothing.?

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