Researchers Study Collagen Supplements For Skin Wrinkles

Researchers Study Collagen Supplements For Skin Wrinkles

Hi, I'm Dr. Rick Argall, co-founder with my
wife, Dr. France Carpentier, of Phi Naturals. Today's topic is a hot button. We're going
to be talking about hydrolyzed collagen and wrinkles. The utilization of collagen to support the
healing and the decrease of wrinkles is very common, and it is becoming more and more popular.
Most of its origins occurred in Asia, in places like Taiwan, South Korea, Malaysia, Japan
etc. It also became popular in Europe. Now finally, and over the last ten years, it has
become quite popular in the United States. Now there are tons and tons of anecdotal stories
about successes with collagen that deal with wrinkles. That deal with more lustrous hair,
increase thickness of hair, stronger nails, thicker skin, suppleness, elasticity etc.
It's nice when we have studies that actually confirm everything that women have been talking
about online, in magazines, and on YouTube, in places like Amazon with companies that
sell collagen products. There are tons and tons of anecdotal stories. I'm going to be using little index cards here
today, to make sure that the information I'm giving you is exactly per the results of a
great study that was done in 2014, which is less than a year and a half ago. Actually
with the high tech instrumentation that exists today to measure results, the support for
these anecdotal studies is actually phenomenal. There were six well-known researchers in this
field who did a study with 114 women, aged between 45 and 65. They divided them into
two groups of 57. They gave the women in one group 2.5 grams of hydrolyzed collagen. In
the other group, they received 2.5 grams of a completely different substance. They did
measurements on the women before they started the study; measurements at four weeks; and
measurements at eight weeks. It was an eight-week study. They also did measurements four weeks
later. They started the study, and before starting
they had a number of results. The skin wrinkles were actually measured beforehand. These were
also measured at four weeks and eight weeks, and four weeks after treatment. They did biopsies
on the skin. In these biopsies, they measured the levels of collagen Type 1. They measured
the elastin and they measured the [fibroin] fibers to see what types of changes occurred. The results were that a significant reduction
of eye wrinkle volume was noticed for a total of 20% within eight weeks. A positive long-lasting
effect was also noticed four weeks later. Additionally, after the eight weeks, they
found that collagen Type 1, known as procollagen Type 1, showed a 65% statistically significant
increase in the dermal layer, the skin layer. They found an 18% increase of elastin, which
is also statistically significant. The fibroin showed a 7% increase, which is not considered
statistically significant. Basically, these collagen peptides have been
shown to promote the suppleness and elasticity of aging skin and the decrease of wrinkles.
This what the authors concluded. I'm going to read it word for word. "Our findings demonstrate that the oral consumption
of specific bioactive collagen peptides reduced skin wrinkles and had positive effects on
dermal matrix synthesis." Dermal matrix basically means the skin matrix, what it's made up of.
On a previous video, I described all the changes that occurred within that matrix. Our product is called Collagen Complete. This
study was done with 2.5 grams of collagen. Our daily dose is 10 grams of collagen, four
time that amount. Plus we have the clinical levels of chondroitin at 1500 milligrams,
the clinical levels of glucosamine at 1200 milligrams, 25 milligrams of hyaluronic acid
compared to most products that have 4 and 5 milligrams. We have 70-plus trace minerals
in there, which helps with silica and the like. We have enzymes and vitamin C. All of these nutrients are added to help heal
the body but also to support your body's ability to integrate the collagen and build new collagen. Thanks for watching my video. If you'd like
to see more like this from my wife, Dr. France Carpentier and me, you can click on our image
to visit our blog and click the button to subscribe to the YouTube channel. Also, feel
free to leave a comment and check out some of our other videos on this channel. We'd
love to hear from you. Thanks, again, for watching.

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31 thoughts on “Researchers Study Collagen Supplements For Skin Wrinkles

  1. A stomach is incapable of telling one protein from another.The acids break them all down to amino acids.I would love to get my hands on those reports!What a bunch of baloney!This guy is a huckster…plain and simple.

  2. you look really good i dont see any wrinkles. upone your. face….keep up the. good work

  3. ūüėä this was great… and he's not kidding either…i'm 40, and recently tried a collagen cream for fine lines around my eyes… in a months time it literally "erased" most of them… now, i wont use a lotion or cream that doesn't contain it… collagen is the real deal…

  4. the   pale green winged looking part around the blossom of the Linden Flower tree is suppose to turn off the wrinkle gene.  See NIH's pubmed ncbi

  5. When it comes to wrinkles, I don't think anyone is concerned what studies showed. They want to know what the eye sees.

  6. Hi again! I am a registered nurse, but disabled completely since 2008 for the most horrible low back pain that is not muscular in nature. Mri shows degenerative discs, annular tears, dessication, the discs are black, and there is some herniation of one disc causing nerve impingement from time to time but the sciatic pain is not nearly as bad as the usual chronic pain caused by the discs. I can do certain exercises to get rid of the sciatica. I can't get rid of the disc pain. I think I may have central neuropathy by now. The pain is just too severe, and movement is not required to cause pain. I lay still and the pain comes on. It feels like a crushing pain, along with a cutting pain at L4-L5- S1 central. Right in the center. My life has been destroyed. I have tried everything to get rid of this pain. Long term chiropractic care and accupuncture, glucosamine and chondroitin, every supplement in the world, inversion table, yoga, physical therapy, ultrasound (made it feel worse) and many other things. I have only obtained relief from narcotic pain meds coupled with ativan. the pain started in 2002, but I kept trying to work until tha amount of shifts I was able to work dwindled down to 1 every 2 weeks, it was like torture! So I finally had to go on permanent disability. I always dream of being healed. Surgeons say they can help the sciatica but not the back pain. I can help my own sciatica, when I get it. Do you think that your unique combination of ingredients can actually help rebuild discs? What about neuropathic pain? I sure hope that you will get back to me on this, I would greatly appreciate it! Thanks a bunch,

  7. Your skin looks pretty good, how long have you been using hydrolyzed collagen? Do you think it has made improvements in your skin as far as fine lines, wrinkles, thickness, elasticity and firmness? Of course, no product is going to stop the aging process of the skin, but improvements can be had. I have started taking marine collagen by Andrew Lessman, I put 2 scoops in a smoothie a few times a week. I don't know if I should be taking more. I have seen no improvement. Please see here: And would you please tell me what you think? I really love many of his supplements. But if there is a better collagen out there, I would like to know about it, from an objective viewpoint.

  8. Well, I can see clear wrinkles in this man. How come didn't he get rid of his wrinkles  with his wonderful product? Everyone would do it for sure!  There's no magical cure for anything. Change your life style by eating healthy, exercising, avoiding chemicals in your home and work, removing pesticides from your food, getting sun light, keeping good thoughts and a positive attitude, meditation, healing music, and so forth. If your practice these changes in a daily basis including also a couple of oil pulling a day, oxygen inhalation therapy, two glasses of warm water with lemon or organic sodium bicarbonate to alkalinize your body as soon as you wake up, removing addictions from your life, among other things (apply common sense here), It will certainly slow down the aging process. I am 51 and everyone guess me  40 or 42 years old. No kidding, and let me tell you that I changed my life style barely 9 years ago. Before I was a follower, now I am in accountable for my well-being. Follow me for Wellness tips. I don't sell any product, just being in my own personal journey towards well-being, and gained a lot of experience in the process (which I was deprived of)  Follow me in social media as E-Lo 365Wellness or Eli Lopez. Good luck in your wellness journey. Remember, there's no magic potions for all the years of abuse treating ourselves as a garbage can. Make a change today!

  9. Collagen is really popular in Asia and especially Korea. I learned about it from a Korean neighbor an I've been taking it ever since.

  10. I have been taking a collagen supplement (Great Lakes) for about 6 month and I definitely feel a difference in my skin

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