Rutgers Robot Helps Environmental Researchers

Rutgers Robot Helps Environmental Researchers

if you walk into a newly painted room you smell something so what you're smelling of compounds that come off the walls at the paint dries and one of the things we're trying to do with Exxon and in general is to use new technologies to better understand exposure to contaminants in the environment to people we are trying to solve problems there robots can augment and help humans and tasks which are dangerous as he's painting all the tubes behind me lead to different analyzers outside of the chamber and they will pick up some of these compounds in particular volatile organic compounds or VOCs those compounds generally are not hazardous but we need to understand do they increase what you're being exposed to them might cause problems for some subsets of the population so we can then give better guidance on how you minimize the exposure to people we're trying to utilize all resources at Rutgers between the collaboration of the computer science department here at EOC the exposure science with cliff and then Exxon and do bring industry and academics together to further research

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