Ryan Hoiland – 2018 Researcher of the Year PhD

Ryan Hoiland – 2018 Researcher of the Year PhD

One of the things that I’m very lucky with here at UBCO is we’re able to do a lot of non-typical things in Professor Ainslie’s lab. Such as arterial catheterization, jugular vein catheterization, these are invasive techniques. You have to go through the sternocleidomastoid muscle in the jugular vein, you actually advance the catheter up to just probably about the top of the ear, to what’s called the jugular bulb. You can all actually hear like little bubbles kind of flowing through so that’s an interesting sensation. I kind of have this this moral compass saying I shouldn’t be asking people to do studies If I’m not willing to do them myself and so throughout my time and research I’ve participated in all the studies that I’ve ran. I’ve hiked up to Nepal twice, once in 2012 and in 2016 to the Ev-K2-CNR research lab. It’s actually the highest permanent laboratory setting in the world. Now I’ve got to start planning, we’ve got a new trip coming up, we’re going to Peru looking at brain blood flow during reduced levels of oxygen, how that relates to different biomarkers in the blood. Doing these high-altitude trips as well as the research there’s a lot of parallels and that you know you’re pushing your limits here trying to reach new heights both from an environmental and a academic perspective and so that that’s really exciting

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