hey guys welcome back to my channel so we are in a song today so I'm here at KGB studios with Julie Julie dusty ya guys okay so I'm just gonna do a little rewind about three years ago we were not in this particular area yeah but I was in her salon in her dad's basement and now we are in this amazing beautiful salon in New York City okay so I'm really excited you guys know I have a bit of heat damage so I wanted to see none other than Julie okay you could get my hair together all the way together yeah yeah so I'm really excited and we're pretty much gonna go right into our consultation and we're gonna see what's going on here let's see yes pretty much so what have you been doing with your hair since then pretty much nothing just you know the regular wash condition put it in a protective style of some sort and moisturize when I remember to hurt you yeah density towards the end we're going to try to keep as much hair on Casey's head as possible yes but we're gonna give you a healthy cut but we're gonna give me a healthy cut I'm down for that I mean I was down but a lot of what was laid the last ones very nice yes remember that's it for cut guys yeah that was real nice you grew up beautifully yes it did it was it was very stark at first though right [Laughter] but it worked out yet yeah something we're gonna go that drastic no not but definitely gonna happily definitely want a shape so that I can wear it out if I choose to right yeah so normally when my clients have inconsistencies in curl patterns I don't tuck them wet because you don't really know what the lengths are being that some places have shrinkage scales are different is hanging differently so I'm only just do let the light go out then I shape it and then we style it from there oh yeah sounds good to me today the products that we're using are actually jhb branded products Wow also just wait for it but it's SuperDuper hydrating we use it the collage we use the leave-in we have a cream and a foam and our own shea butter to take down there first of all I just want to say I just want to say that I am so proud of you to Lee like I've never expected it and just seeing her grow up for the past over the past three years since the first time that I met her it's just been amazing to see the journey and it's just wonderful that like we could film it it's on camera and yeah just go back and look right where before it exactly very humbling yeah and it just it just shows that tenacity and persistency it's like one of those things that will always get you as far as you want to go no matter how annoying it may be I'm doing the same thing over and over again everybody effin Italy definitely pays off so I'm I'm grateful and I'm buzzed well I hope that inspires some of you guys with whatever you guys trying to do with this out listen pace just the perseverance it'll take you far in life Derek I see a lot of split ends in here just based on how sifu it is and her ends I see that the thicknesses made me like right here but we want to make sure that we give her a shape that is flattering to her face she has a beautiful shape space oh thank you you know her too very like pointy and we just want to accentuate that so we'll probably cut her at least up to here with her from and try to keep us much length at the top except she doesn't look to Jackson but we'll see what happens once we wet this and see what's going on in this hair it is terrible it's definitely different from your natural texture for sure the true texture of your hair is in the roots so my recommendation for Chizzy is to keep coming back quarterly every three months to keep reshaping her here until we get a bit of you know what is in her texture this doesn't mean that my hair is gonna be shorter here it's definitely still gonna be growing she's gonna get a bigger pearl in the meantime but you know these are not serving her yeah so we gotta let go of the dead ends have to let go things that are not serving you in this life and because the center of her hair doesn't seem like it has that much heat damage it actually looks like it's shorter yeah like there's a breakage here yes right now she has to leave it in her hair I don't even that we have not named yet and I'm about to put a heat protectant and we're here for the glow out perfect protection since I've been here you definitely have to be more delicate yeah with it when detangling you had some moisturizes it probably more saturated than the other areas because it does break yeah and most people wear you know their edges when they're natural I see a lot of Naturals that their edges are shorter because it's drier most of our edges are tighter than the rest of our hair one of those things that you have to continuously moisturize every other day you can't just wake up and not do anything I mean doing something that matters you know whether it's you know just the natural elements of being in on earth yeah destroy your hair you know the wind anything you know kind of just eats and drying your hair out so you have to make sure that you protect your hair against the elements when you go outside yeah just so you guys know we were talking about the breakage that I have in the crown area of my hair I was telling Julie that it's the courses part of my hair and that's kind of what she was saying you need to be more delicate with the course of your hair is you want to saturate your hair more with moisturizer and you're showing it with oils yes and moisturizing or doing something with it every other day so like if you have a twist out or rods that are something like that and you know that that area is prone to get really really dry yeah I know me tell my clients to just miss their hair with a water base leave mm-hmm and then seal it look like a shape I don't like this so like I say like just like spray in the air so that you don't actually mess up the style I can right after eating it cook that's an issue like I don't want to destroy the set that you've just spent exactly so that's why you would just miss it in the air and let it fall on you kind of like how you're the max spray yeah to set your foundation like you don't just spray on your directly on your face you spray so that it just hydrates it just a little bit and then you know use a shea butter and then just like scratching into here it works wonders like your it definitely makes it a lot more pliable in the morning as well as you know how our hair could be like yeah it actually moves it and helps it like settle down that is a really good point i've actually you know my years of being matcher i've never thought to just kind of lightly spray the hair and kind of going with an oil and yeah sealing that's what that's what I do to moisturize my hair and not destroy my style you know so I knew that do I have to retwist my hair and what it's like no you don't want to have to do all that that's true and it's also a lot of product right and then you're also manipulating the hair too often like if you go twisting her every night you're gonna manipulate it so much to the point that you have more split ends and you actually should exactly the less manipulations the better and the more attention all right Jesse has a lot of split ends all of this is what ends where you can see through so they like a lot to hear the front of her here has a lot more length in it than the back there's a centerpiece back here that has breakage so with that being said probably likely gonna cut her into a bomb to camouflage to the breakage that she has back here because just just doesn't serve her to see all these split ends this wouldn't look well in a curly style whether they be a wash and go twist off or any of those type of styles it just wouldn't look right so whistling get her nice and shaped and we'll be back are you excited yeah she is sad about getting rid of this length back here but it just is not serving her just doesn't know anything but guys just lovely live you won't be able to talk to me anyhow that's what's gonna be that's a fast one it's gonna be we just had a fight the bullet right now right she looks absolutely fabulous already do I mean you can see that the girl in the front still has some heat damage and we are going to have a journey of growing this heat damage out and you guys will be able to see befores and afters and track her journey to see how cutting it and treating it at HP Studios is definitely gonna help her hair flourish yes so we are just gonna spin her around so that you guys can see a 360 of her shape and it's just so much better compared to where all my guys I mean you all know that I preach the the power in letting go of dead ends and things that do not serve you any longer and who would I be but honestly like so thank you so much to me well for you constantly coming to my rescue over here is way too fabulous for C deserves a lot of love yes and we are very happy to service you and serve you and deliver thank you so you guys can both jhp Studios at JC Studios Instagram there you go so you guys can follow Julie a chit well I'll put her Instagram right down below here so you guys should definitely book her if you're in the New York area or if you're not I mean if you feel like a book J to be expressed those are my employees and there's a lot more availability there and they have been trained properly to service you just as well as I can I'm glad you cleared that up so that people know that you know Julie is expanding okay so she don't got time you know she has others to to things and true service we build service you just the same so you guys should definitely check JCB Studios out I do have a discount code for you guys so you guys should check the description box down below so that you can get just along you know slow but thank you again julie for having me if you guys enjoyed this video make sure to give us a thumbs up make sure you guys are following julie on all of her social channels as well as me I mean come on yeah and I will see you guys next time and we said we're going on a journey so I'll be back here and you guys can see the progress and we'll take one pictures yeah we have like before and afters and you can really see what's going on with her hair as she transitions out of the seat image wow I don't know it seems like the peak damage it's a bit of a blessing oh hey man I feel like it brought me back to Julie yeah alright guys I will catch you guys later

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20 thoughts on “Salon Visit | I CUT MY NATURAL HAIR OFF

  1. Chizi your hair looks so beautiful. Makes me wanna cut off my my dead ends. It looks amazingly healthy. I live in NY I need to visit Julie’s shop. Im sure they will hook me up… lol

  2. Your hair looks soooo good. That twist out is fabulous. I'm getting mine trimmed but more than I normally would do.

  3. I love how she cut it based on the need for you to have healthy hair and NOT because she was just scissor happy. 😍 Turned out gorgeous. ❤

    P.S. Her fro is EVERYTHING 😩😍

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