Save the Rainforest/ Sumatra/ Zachráň Prales – Green Life organization

Save the Rainforest/ Sumatra/ Zachráň Prales – Green Life organization

presents Life is Love On the life path with Milan Jeglík and Zuzana Koloušková Organization
GREEN LIFE I think that the whole life and the whole planet Earth and whole nature 
is based on the relationship that binds to love… …because, after all, there is no possibility to base any future on fighting and violence… and I think that people often forget that we should follow some steps and meaning of life,
which is built on mutual assistance, understanding, reconciliation… …based on real love that do not symbolize only some acts What we need to save, please, is the forest, rain forest, green plants.. These are absolutely critical to the survival of this whole breathtaking miraculous entirety that we call Planet Earth… ..these are creating the conditions for life and, of course, for cleaning the water, forming stable climatic conditions, production of oxygen as well as providing shelter for all life… It is about thinking, about positive thinking, about that we would each take the lead… …and understand that to give is much more than to take… people actually are able to save this planet far as people understand the principle that once in a lifetime or once a year I buy one are  of rainforest which is basically one big dinner at a restaurant with some decent drink… then indeed we, the people , have an incredible power and strength in our hands ,but only in the same moment  we realize that the only way to success is cooperation… …we can not remain as individual entities, to withdraw into his or her fear bubbles, bubbles of selfishness or some of their strange life or some of a strange life and play happy on the planet that pretty much withers on the principle of human greed We will be submitting report to the National Park authorities on how far along the Sekelam river extends the rubber tree plantations. Well, whether they are legal or illegal will show later. We think that much of it actually comes from the illegal expansion of rubber plantations and in addition we also filmed and documented people who illegally cut down wood in the National Park. This is an ongoing evidence of how the the basic rules and laws for protection of nature in the Gunung Leuser National Park and Indonesia are not being followed, and finally, I hope that our Green Patrol will endeavour to cause that something will start to be done in this case… about animals clearly: no terrarium, no cage, no zoo is better than nature even we could all try it will not be better Nature is freedom, freedom is the fundament both for people and for animals, so I support this idea. Because we love nature we love the people who understand that they are part of this planet and lately we manage to know a lot of great people who actually have a life built on love these people help us, they are a great motivation for us – not only we for them and for the last few years working on the Green Life project we really understand that we have to show people the beauty, positive things, the good and its magic and these are the things associated with love This, I think, is my view of the world… We see the private ownership as one of the few ways to protect nature outside national parks through the creation of private reserves. and at present, the reality is, that one are of the rainforest which is the area of ten times ten meters worth 800 (eight hundred) Czech Crowns (cca 30 EUR/ 40 USD) hectare is 80,000 (eighty thousand) Czech Crowns (cca 3,000 EUR/ 4,000 USD) what is the line we are talking about companies and really rich people but one are is 800 (eight hundred) Czech Crowns… one are of rain forest produces oxygen daily for about 900 (nine hundred) living beings… I say intentionally 900 living beings because at least our world with Zuzana is not just about people but also about animals we are part of this planet so that all living beings, no matter if they are human or animal origin… Love is something or some feeling, something one can live and can share much more with other creatures and
to feel much more what one experiences and, essentially, to send the energy, the information… much further and easier than by spreading negative and bad things and accordingly to that also the society, the team, and the whole environment is being created… and it is much better to live in a happy, loving environment than in any suffering, pain and despair, there are people who sometimes say they do not need anyone, that they are self-sufficient, but in the final once they want to share something nice suddenly, in the solitude they realize there is no one to whom to say that they are lonely and, actually, that that their feeling which they have experienced that nice thing, that there is no one who would be able to share and experience it with them and that they are, fundamentally, empty again look into the eyes of this beautiful animal and think about it… just look at this cage – which is actually very small – and think about it, whether it worths to close the animal in your home and possess it, although it’s a beautiful animal… but this animal belongs here, in nature – not in your homes Truly, it does not worth to imprison anything so wonderful.
Please, never even try to think about it
Thank you! I think that love is not just man’s relationship to another man but I think that there is a deep love between humans and animals and between people and the planet and that – in this kind of love – we can build a future that could mean a better world for all living beings on this planet plus our activities generate immense joy and substantially love is based on mutual joy, right? it is probably difficult to develop some loving moments, relationships and feelings in adversity therefore joy and making each other happy and to understand that human relationships are the key to satisfaction of the entire society… if we will manage to pull off this campaign successfully, and I believe that we will succeed…. so imagine, for the future, if we could convince 1,000, 10,000, 100,000 or 1,000,000 people in the Czech Republic or even abroad to do the deed that the man or that family would once and only in their life rip off 800 (eight hundred) crowns from the mouth and invest the money as a gift to save rain forest but from my perspective as an 
investment in the largest factory for the production of oxygen on planet Earth on its land …and I am not talking now about green seaweed… but on land, simply, anything does not produce as much oxygen as than tropical rainforest… …so, we are sponsoring an oxygen factory and indeed it goes – we are convinced of it there are 33 hectares of tropical rainforest standing behind us  it’s not too much – we would like to add further four zeros behind the number 33, but the time may simply come ….Moreover, this idea can be communicated around the whole world if any of you begins with this project in Africa or the Amazon or anywhere else where you can find the path… why the idea of Green Life could not be extended to the whole world for example, through 50 various cooperating organisations This regards the rainforest itself wherever in the world without borders, borders have been created only by people – nature knows no borders We are on the road which is not easy at all, we are target of questioning, mockery, distrust…
often not only from strange people but also from close people, who simply do not believe that road …because they are so downtrodden in the ground by the system that they no longer believe in anything but please this is a system throughout the whole society, people give up to believe in good things
they do not believe that it is possible to carry good things through ,what is a huge problem that is truly food for thoughts and correction to not have those young kids left to be kept systematically trampled into the ground by the system right from the childhood 
so they will finally say we can not anything please, if people would keep saying for millennia that we can not change anything, what society would we lived in now?! …the slavery society or we would Hail to fascism here or I just do not know… ..if people were not able to stand against the evil system… where would we be today? perhaps standing here with a leg caught into the iron ball and chain lock Small Cambodian boy walks down the sandy beach at low tide after a huge storm. On the beach there are thousands and thousands of starfish casted up and one by one he collects and returns them back into the sea… ….while being watched by old fisherman beaten by weather and disappointments who says to him: “Boy, why are you doing this?” And the boy says: “I’m trying to save the starfish and get them back into the sea…” Fisherman tells him: “But it does make no sense because there are thousands and thousands of casted up starfish here…  You can not handle it! What’s the sense ?!” The boy looks at him and says: “Sir, but for those I will save, it makes the sense…” and this is the whole point of any action of any good trip when we try to influence events around us for the better  and not to join the line of the systemic ignoring of the issue of the protection of this planet…

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4 thoughts on “Save the Rainforest/ Sumatra/ Zachráň Prales – Green Life organization

  1. Každý má možnosť zachrániť FABRIKU na KYSLÍK =Prales !
    Džungla na Sumatre je reálne chránená, súčasťou môžeš byť aj ty!! Som rad, že som možem pomôcť formou videa zdielať túto nadčasovú myšlienku!
    Život je láska ☮ organizácia Green Life hd

  2. Zuzko, Milane, moc diky Vam i Vasim pratelum za to, co delate pro nase deti a matku Zemi.
    Podporila jsem Vas a dle moznosti budu i nadale.

  3. Ano to je všechno pravda držím s vámí miluji přírodu a kdybych nohl pošlu všechny peníze ale bohužel nemohu omlouvám se ale držím aspoň sváma díky že jste tady 🙂

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