Saving the Rainforest with Microsatellites | Yuya Nakamura

Saving the Rainforest with Microsatellites | Yuya Nakamura

Guess what! This is an artificial
micro-satellite. So, we got the micro-satellites. It’s so small you can
put it on your palm. The micro-satellite was developed by
university students, and I was lucky enough to have got involved in this
exciting project. The micro-satellite was launched in 2003, and it worked quite
well in orbit to send us beautiful photos of the earth. It was really a
fascinating moment as an engineer in the making. I experienced multiple micro-satellite missions while at the University, and when I graduated I really
wanted to make more satellites, practical ones. However, I couldn’t find any company
doing such business. So, I made up my mind to start a new company, Axel Space. After
we founded the company in 2008 we won a contract about the development of a
dedicated micro satellite for Weathernews. Which is a Japanese private company.
They use it to monitor ice distribution in the Arctic Ocean to
provide a navigation service to vessels sailing there, and this became the
world’s first purely commercial micro-satellite. We have launched three
micro-satellites so far, as a company, to establish a solid track record. Two
years ago we decided to make a giant leap forward. We raised 17 million dollars to start a new
initiative called Axel Globe in this project we plan to launch as many as 50
micro-satellites to monitor the whole world on a daily basis. This is a new
generation earth monitoring platform, and we believe that Axel Globe will help
solve a wide range of social and environmental problems. Let me show you
some examples. This is the Amazon rainforest, only in this decade, 900
thousand square miles of the forest was lost around the world, and surprisingly
80% of such logging activities are said to be illegal. This is Larson Sea Ice Shelf in
Antarctica. It is reported that a trillion ton iceberg broke off
Antarctica a few months ago, probably due to global warming. This is what
we can see from space. We can track even slight changes on the planet with Axel
Globe. There will be thousands more potential applications across a wide
range of industries where Axel Globel can give some additional values: environment,
forestry, agriculture, mapping, urban planning, and energy are part of the
examples. I really want to collaborate with potential partners,
Including all of you here, to create a new infrastructure. Saving the world changing the future. Thats the slogan Axel Globe project. Thank

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