SEI's Women in Solar: Empowering the World through Renewable Energy Education

SEI's Women in Solar: Empowering the World through Renewable Energy Education

I got my start in the salon industry back in college actually I was studying physics at cu-boulder it was my senior year that I actually got introduced into the introduce to the photovoltaic effect and kind of set my world on fire it wasn't until I discovered that particular concept that I got really excited about my future my experience in the solar energy industry as a woman has been a very positive one it's such a new industry that I felt like instantly I could be a part of it and there wasn't a history there that was in my way so instantly I felt like I had a network and I think that was due to sei because there was lots of networking opportunities and they helped you really get involved in the industry and it was through the program you meet lots of people throughout the world and the nation and have an instant Network I often wonder what woman's place is in the solar industry many women can do exactly the same jobs as men can and I think we've proven that over the years I've been on roofs for a long time and I've been hauling modules it's a construction job but there's so much work behind the scenes you know there's are the typical roles in a smaller company from sales to permitting to administration to managing crews to equipment procurement and organization and public relations the more solar specific jobs are all of the support and up front and back end jobs to support that and when people tend to focus on the construction side I think is where they get that caught up but there's so much more opportunity out there no matter what your background is there's a role for everyone right now the solar industry actually employs more people in America than coal oil and gas combined it's one of the fastest growing job fields and you know we need people with passion in this industry so if you have passion come out and join us I'm passionate about solar energy because I really do care about the environment I went to school for environmental engineering because of my love of nature and outdoors and my concern for climate change and what I find with solar is I'm really able to address that through energy which is one of the biggest issues in my opinion that affect the environment and climate change facing the global climate issues that we have it's exciting to be a part of what I consider to be a major portion of the solution and so to be intimately and actively engaged for as long as I have been moving towards the solution and watching with amazing gratification the growth of our industry has had since I've started I mean I think the latest jobs report that just came out said we have there's about 300,000 solar industry professionals and we're growing you know exponentially every year the solar industry across the nation has been thriving and we have more energy jobs in solar than we have historically in you know coal and gas and so I think for women who are looking for a change you're looking for a challenging opportunity or to make some money it's great it's a great industry to consider the place for women in the solar industry is forever they want to be if you like using your hands you're going to be a great installer if you are really into engineering and design as a woman you're going to be a great designer women that want to get their start and Solar I say just go for it you know it can be a big leap to start in a new career but I think sei is a great place to get a big picture of things that are available in the industry and get a taste of of what it's like to design and install solar systems and see if that something that you want to be a part of the trainee they're going to get SDI is some of the best because it's taught by professionals in the industry and so that technical knowledge is just top-notch I recommend to women who want to get started in the solar industry to start today really whatever you're passionate about and whatever drives you in the morning as a woman in the solar industry you will excel

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  1. We need more women to step up and pursue a career in the solar industry. I am one of the support women at SEI and I guarantee you won't be disappointed in the level of instruction with our organization and with the network and support we provide!

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