Should we block out the sun to stop climate change? | NASA's Michelle Thaller

Should we block out the sun to stop climate change? | NASA's Michelle Thaller

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32 thoughts on “Should we block out the sun to stop climate change? | NASA's Michelle Thaller

  1. Leave hedonistic lifestyle. Adopt simplicity and austerity. Materialism and greed are killing our planet. Our planet has enough to feed and clothe us but it can not sustain our extravagance, greed and pompous consumption.

  2. I like the idea of reducing the radiation from the sun by putting up a sun shield. The idea of a single disc doesn't work because it would have to be so large as described in the video. But what about a lot of smaller shields say 20m by 20m which are placed between the Sun and the Earth. The ideal place to put these shields is at the Lagrange point L1 which is 1.5 million kilometres from Earth or about 1% of the distance to the Sun. At this location the sunshields would experience a balance of gravity and stay in place.

    The individual shields could be light weight and designed to unfurl on deployment. Also the whole system would be able to be remote controlled from Earth to increase or decrease the blocking of the sun's radiation. The initial objective would be to block 1% of the Sun's radiation and assess the effect on the temperature of the Earth. I calculated that to cover a circle of radius 3000 km at a density of 1% would require 22.5 million of the 20m by 20m sun shades.

    If we started to deploy 1,000 per year then within 1,000 years we would have 1 million sunshades in place. At this point it would probably be necessary to replace at the rate of 1,000 per year so we would be stuck at a total of 1 million. By this time however, we should have the capacity to make the individual shields larger or increase the deployment rate.

    There could be an advantage in manufacturing the sun shields on the moon with its lower gravity.

    Proposing a project with a 1,000 year time scale might sound far fetched. However, the problem of climate change is not going to go away and not all of it is due to CO2. There are other reasons for human activity to increase global warming as is seen by the fact that the temperature of cities is around 2 degrees higher than the surrounding countryside. The more the cities grow the more the planet will warm regardless of the CO2 effect.

    The great benefit of this solution is that we will be able to control the effect of the shield rather than taking a chance on putting dust particles into the atmosphere without knowing the precise effect.


  3. Instead of thinking about going to Mars or building a giant umbrella the size of the planet, how about doing small things for the planet today? Like switching to wholefood, plant based diet, eating less meat and fish, more nuts and beans, how about using public transportation whenever is possible, reduce, reuse, recycle all plastic containers, use fans instead of aircon, wear an extra layer of clothes instead of relying on fuel or electric heaters, take shower instead of bath, stop deforesting for agriculture, palm oil, paper industry and cheap furniture stores, switch to organic farming, plant more trees, use contraception, have less children, invest in education, infrastructures and renewable energies instead of defense industry ?

  4. If we block the sun and at the same time we have huge volcanic explosion or asteroid collide, we have a real problem. Think about that.

  5. Centuries, wuhahahahha!!! We will be dead in centuries. Nobody is doing anything against climate change.

  6. So what ur saying Michelle is that we have the ability to block the sun?? Does that also mean we have the ability to change climate temperature and atmosphere as well? And r u implying that we have the ability to change weather? Like maybe all of a sudden after 43 years of my life in NJ and never having having a tornado and only hearing and knowing of them because of movies and TV…maybe now that's why we're having tornado warnings every night…because maybe people like u and ur "nasa" ( which I believe is a bogus thing) friends r using tools.. applications… chemicals spraying out of planes ..etc whatever ur people ( government) secretly use to control the climate block the sun and make up false lies with big words like nasa and astronomy to back up ur opinions theories and ideas…because u know that's all they actually one has ever gotten close enough to the sun to actually stick a thermometer in it..and if u believe they have and want to make up a long word for a bogus heat reading tool .u live in fairy land! If u don't believe the chemicals they spray out of planes a day before every rain storm hits..that those chemical cocktails aren't affecting our climate and weather ..I can give u the pictures dates and times recorded for Everytime it's a clear blue sky and u will see how a plane comes by spraying chem trails and then the next day it rains!! So in ur video u r actually revealing truths the government does not want us to know! Wow! How bold of u! Michelle, u r a book sheep. U believe what u read and surround urself with like minded people to increase ur false unsubstantiated beliefs…no one ever on this Earth has gone to the moon …Obama slipped and said it during a speech..listen to Neil Armstrong's speeches…the truths are accidentally revealed. So book sheep just read something believe it because as they're reading it they believe it's truth because some scientist said so…instead of actually looking at it from all different angles and dissecting each and every word…they only begin researching like minded beliefs and articles hence following the heard of sheep! I believe nothing u say. Ur inflated words and unproven math "facts" don't prove anything. They r ur opinions backed up with scientific words that r just unproven unsubstantiated and unprovable! Really Michelle …someone actually took the sun's temperature? Oh and can u explain then if the Earth is round as u proclaim with complete conviction…why r we not able to go to Antarctica? Why is it blocked off by military ..maybe because the truth of how the Earth is actually flat …is being hidden from us and if we were allowed there… years upon years of "proven" "scientific" lies will be reavealed..and all the "scientific" lies we we're brainwashed to believe in school will be revealed….hmmmmmm.guess I'm not a book sheep.

  7. What if we change the few plants that are found in desert (not all of them!) Using GENETICS as for them to use up more CO2 and release more O2 and at the same time have more food (if possible) then this green will be used to make fuels (biomass) or drive our machines ?

  8. What about forcing a valcano, or mabe 2 or 3 valcanos simultaneously being forced to erupt? Instead of taking a bunch of dust into the atmosphere. I'm sure there are a couple valcanos that need some belching, mabe Yellowstone lol. I know that is a difficult task to even suggest aslo, but it may be something we have to do.

  9. What do you even mean "solve climate change"?

    That is a ridiculous thought to even have.

    The climate has always changed. It has been hotter than today. It has been cooler than today. CO2 has been lower than today and CO2 has been much higher before man was even around.

    Also, solve it based on what? What is it "supposed" to be? If you get it there, how long do you think that would last with all the other inputs?

  10. "Global warming" is completely a made up lie. Just stop and watch the weather yourself. Btw they ARE blocking the sun via geoengineering.

  11. No this was foretold by the ancient ones…in the beginning everybody was of very dark skin to handle the elements but we mixed our seed with the weak and recessive ones and it weakened our dna some of us will die with you when the earth heats sadly. If wish to save your and your bloodline …blacks should not mix your seed with anyone who isnt black like you.

  12. It’s called chemtrails. They’re doing it already. Stop polluting our earth with PLASTIC. The earth cannot eat plastic. Let’s fix something that we actually can!!

  13. Did I hear her seriously say they are going to block out our sun???? That's the foundation of life on earth. This can't be good. Man made climate change I'm now thinking they are causing it!

  14. Holy shit this lady is retarded. Atmospheric Co2 is INSANELY low right now > Why does NASA hire retards or liars?

  15. blocking out the sun to STOP climate change? That's mind mindbogglingly retarded. The climate would drastically change if the sun was blocked out

  16. Everyone involved in this massive crime against humanity should be held fully liable for the damage.

    Everyone. Fully liable. No exceptions.

  17. That's pure insanity, doesnt sound smart at all. We destroy our planet with our behavior than to fix the problem we put an umbrella to cover the sun and spray dust into the atmosphere. Wait, aren't you doing that already with chemtrails?!

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