29 thoughts on “Skiing through forest with no mercy!

  1. Do you think the whole ski trail belongs to you or what? If you bump into some people on the trail you can seriously injure them!

  2. Donno if that is cool though …. we started free style skiing back in Switzerland some 50 years or so ago, with out fancy gears and the drive to get notice. We were driven by to love for nature and felt free on the skis. All that we did with respect and care our families were teaching us to both ..people and nature, it was great real great … maybe you can take that as a base to at least start being cool.

  3. I'm the guy who passes you. Read the alpine code of responsibility on the back of your ticket. Lean forward and use your poles in the trees to go faster. …..rich kids. Sheesh

  4. this is the funniest video i've ever seen, the kid in the red at the end of the video deserves an award. the jerrys have been properly terrorized at that resort lol

  5. Down hill skiers always have right of way… Always…
    I was an instructor for over 10 years. Seen many hard hits, and knee injuries including my own.

  6. You good at skiing but have respect for everyone else on the mountain don’t just be an asshole cause your good

  7. Mec t’es vraiment un danger public tu respecte pas les autres sérieux c’est vraiment irrespectueux

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