Solar power lighting villages in the Amazon rainforest

Solar power lighting villages in the Amazon rainforest

Using this [technology], we don’t have an impact on the environment. We are not damming a river or changing the entire life-cycle of a river to generate energy. You simply mount the panels, install a system, and we are already supplying energy to our community. Indigenous people have energy demands. Today, all their energy demands are met using diesel generators. Here you have glass, silicone and the photovoltaic cell. Since the objective of this project is to install 80 systems in the Xingu Indigenous Park, we are training 100 indigenous technicians to help install these systems. This is an electrician’s course to install photovoltaic systems happening in our village called Pyulaga. Solar energy is much more intelligent, it is cleaner, it is quieter and it is a better fit for the Xingu to meet energy demands here. The sun has much more potential to supply energy through these solar panels. Because of this, we’ll insist on [this form of energy] and show everyone.

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