South Africa introduces new carbon tax to fight climate change

South Africa introduces new carbon tax to fight climate change

South Africa is the continents most industrialized economy and one of Africa's worst polluters its economy relies heavily on coal a dirty fossil fuel to produce electricity Environment Group say these towering coal-fired power stations release dangerous carbon emissions every day into the atmosphere the government introduced a carbon tax law earlier this month requiring big polluting companies to pay tax each time they emit greenhouse gases those in favor of the tax hope it will be enough of a deterrent they must remember that the more they pollute there's a concoction of pollutants in the atmosphere you can't do business in a dead planet the message dedicating that they should do things responsibly South Africa's emissions about eight point nine times per person every year the World Bank says that's among the highest in the developing world it's ranked among the dirtiest energy producers in the world number 16 on the global emissions list South Africa signed the Paris agreement on climate change and committed to an emission reduction of 34 percent by 2020 and 42 percent by 2025 but industry experts warn in a country where the official unemployment rate is more than 27 percent carbon taxes are anti-growth anti jobs and anti investment problem is the the cost increases and the uncertainty around how the text will be applied because the carbon budget regulations have not been published and neither is the the carbon offset regulations it could still be years before South Africa sees a significant reduction in carbon emissions and that's only if the carbon tax law proves to be effective South Africans who support carbon tax say the money must be used to benefit poor communities like helping pay for programs that provide cleaner and safer energy for low-income households people living near coal-fired power stations are concerned about the health unclear bomb temple is one of millions of South Africans who are unemployed and don't have access to electricity he collects his got a call from nearby mines so that his family can cook and keep warm in winter cool it's not right effect over Britain I think the chemical they used to wash cool that's making us sick but we have to live with it what else can we do until coal is one day replaced by greener energy sources or gas emissions are drastically reduced poor mining communities will continue to breathe polluted air every day harder Matassa al Jazeera in Mullaney South Africa

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22 thoughts on “South Africa introduces new carbon tax to fight climate change

  1. The worldleaders are morons. I really cannot get my head around why countries won't help each other out on this manner – the ego's of leaders are astonishing if they are not willing to cooperate to make the world cleaner, regardless of climate change is a hoax or not. We should all have a cleaner world for us and for our childeren. The regular people should not paying because of the wrongdoing for these companies who are willfully destroying the earth just for the sake of profit. In fact, people should get money like a freedom dividend, worldwide, so finally people would have less stress. People with less stress think more clearly and are more willing to help the world out in need.

  2. Actually, it can be a lot smarter than it seems, particularly for S. Africa. It is a dry country with a large mining sector and an unequal but large population.

    Renewables would help with all of its major issues. Mining pollutes ground water in a country that nearly ran out of water (Cape Town) and creates health burdens (heavy metals like lead reduce IQ). Since renewables are more available to the public (everyone can get sun/wind) and labor intensive, inequality and violence would reduce.

    That's assuming the money goes towards renewables, but since they have a deep relationship with China, they may have quite a deal.

  3. What a load of nonsense. The population can see through this idiotic tax move. Its just another tax on the people so that the money can be plundered and looted again. What a disgrace this is. The ANC government are so short of funds to keep the wheels turning , this rediculous move is totally unacceptable.Your shortfalls are from government institutions over employment , get rid of half the staff you have and stop expecting the tax payer to continuously be the ones to bail out your inefficiencies.

  4. About freaking time. But tax cant save us from climate change, we need carbon extraction ASAP!!!! TELL YOUR POLITICIANS

  5. Bad move for a country like S/Africa with scarce jobs put on line while big polluters like USA are actually doing nothing even claiming climatic change is hoax, developin nation should worry least if big polluter do nothing-

  6. Lol! South Africa has bigger problems than bullshit climate change. Mo' money for a corrupt govt official to pocket.

  7. South Africa is leading the US….Trump: "Make America Venus Again!"…and the rest of the planet, too. Including S. Africa.

  8. South Africa should use this tax to go Solar. No carbon emission, no noise, no pollution of any kind and it's getting cheaper by the day.

  9. Leftist governments everywhere love the idea of a carbon tax, cause its another tax grab , and leftists love taxing people

  10. how stupid are these people????
    In a collapsing economy the jackasses are imposing more taxes????
    let's guarantee another marxist failed racist state!!!!

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