Starting Again...Again - S4 EP1 Modded | The Forest v1.08

Starting Again…Again – S4 EP1 Modded | The Forest v1.08

hello everyone its pocket here and in this video I'm starting again and I'll get to that very shortly but I'm back in the game so what happened was my game stuffed up wolves choppy why was it choppy oh there we go I came a smoothie got that – hi ok so my computer died but didn't die I had to reinstall windows have to reinstall everything ok that's better now what's happened is my game died but I'll get there shortly first I'm playing with a mod that allows actually but up so you can see the writing you can level up and there's different traits for what you do the reason I'm doing this is because I want to try it out and also I'm playing with two mods that make it harder so this is a benefit I'm adding so a reward for playing on a harder mode because these are basically free this thing's like stamina usage 100 Center normal if I level the Supper goes to 96% this one decreases the sprint stamina usage is on increase the sprint speed current block this one increases your block stay on the water longer arrow damage increased melee damage attack speed chainsaw increases you amount you can hold it for hairspray increases the amount of stamina you have increases your health reduces full damage increases your jump height and stamina usage so what I'm gonna do I'm gonna increase sprint speed for now but I need to level up I'm playing on heart survival this you've seen guys you run so slow in your first time but got meows learners what happened was I did the multi player series and what happened was the mod didn't work a multiplayer properly so it increased the amount of enemies in the caves but what it did do was turned enemies off above grants I was playing for two or three days without realizing so I kind of felt like I was cheating also taking down effigies I believe levels you up yeah does killing enemies and taking an effort ease this is a mod API and modern it's made by hazard and the other two mods are musing by hazard too so it's gonna be good now them in playing this game it's such a long time I haven't played in like two or three weeks and haven't even actually turn my computer on in a week get the outfit while I'm here so I'm gonna do is take advantage of this effigy thing and level up a bit miles to make some stuff so great a stick I grated rock make a slingshot get the rope in here and I can make a bow yeah I'm not doing the role play one I got a lot of decent feedback on it a lot of people said that I was um I knew too much about the game and that is true I know too much and it's hard to immerse yourself when you just know everything but I tried and I think I did all right yeah it was fun but I don't know it was too hard to maintain make a club did some assigning and so on the spear to number four get some rocks while I'm at it okay that'll do for now what I'm gonna do is should take down the rest of these a get some free levels while I'm at it I was originally gonna continue off the role-playing series and just play normally it wasn't gonna roleplay but the player upgrade points the leveling system that won't work unless you start at a new game all of them on using I made by him except further point storage I don't try that one out I've just got it on to test it out but apparently is really good you don't need a zip point catcher anymore because the zip line system in this game is crap okay so there is enemies here can see him on the horizon I don't really want to be found Jets and I'll try and hide behind this rock in the breeze past good work that's a lot of rabbits around here so my trunk bomber I'll wash the blood off yes fish here someone get them used to be able to climb underneath the rock there and build a base as they removed it got them so this is gonna be a very hard place there as well this one I'm not messing around are crap I found me okay so I want to get out of here because I'm not equipped to deal with this ah mister I don't crouch when I do it cuz it changes you aim Oh God so it's – I can make a pouch priorities this is a great place to hunt but it's so dangerous so many Patrol rats cross over here would be a better place to be able to fill small sticks of trees and stuff but now there's nothing here what does the deer doing there that I usually spawn here that's weird is it I'm finding a lot of animals surprisingly I think it's just this area I think it's a reward for being in this era cuz it's quite dangerous so increase the spawns to make it a bit more viable there is a lot of enemies a this is gonna be our playthrough they are also more likely to find you when you're playing Jesus a everywhere God how much does it increase it by at least double oh no I ran out of rocks damnit okay got enough yeah I wonder where that rabbit went I set him there it was okay so what I'm gonna do till repeater see someone I might just build a little camp and the foots all ends here so I stuck it away in here gonna have to set up my hotkeys again I couldn't use that better blueprints mod that makes it a lot better you can just hold down the button and it automatically completes and I go get it it's hurtle as well I need a shell so I can make a water catcher here we go what if you get experience to killing animals Oh should ah crap I should have put my meat on or a waste there's a meat on what a catcher I could probably wall this off the water catches if I hunt see it's not like of governing and still in the mate I don't know I don't know it's do you I get the small meat cuz I can use it to make a stew but I didn't grab the pot it's another rabbit oh what's that hit you you bastard and there we go maybe it takes two hits I don't know I've noticed it stuns them a bit when it hits them oh no not that one so does one hit maybe but the splash damage is reduced in damage so it doesn't actually can't kill them okay so I'm not watching my calories at all I've not been playing this for us I've forgotten okay what is it that God I still gotta eat more get the blueberries while I'm here I think it takes like seven days and hearts awful for them to respawns a long time because so many berries here I'm maxed out already okay found the aloe yeah it's my game so much darker than it used to be the final release really changed things I can't see crap and it's hard to brighten it up when it's nothing really on the screen tuck it away in here it's a nice little hidey hole okay that's done become a meek trying I'm not gonna focus too much on strength I didn't raise any today I just don't even care okay so new day new everything okay assist me try it it should be it is okay some calories to keep me going I did see a rabbit around here and see if I can find him I don't know where he went I'm gonna make a garden I don't know where to put it there what eye looks funny when it's on a big angle you can use them to make a big ramps surprisingly okay I'll plant the yellow and some of the blueberry so I'm gonna need cone fire so I can't grow that I sure don't see if I can find some actually okay found a hello which is good can use that so many blueberries in the first solids that's great okay there's no kind flour in the foot so nice this time of this marigold let's check hurry I can have a lot take down these F geez I'm level two now okay level up all right what do I want it's hard to read when there's a background of brightness an upgrade my sprint speed again I like moving faster can get more done generally outfit miles make it crafted by hey we got ya yeah I'm gonna waste all this sticks I'm gonna build a log cart and sank them at least use them should get the fish follow me there we go I'll take these back and then I'm gonna go hit the main cannibal village because I need cloth dynamite and I go get the old pot as well money might even get them not an axe something that might be a good idea so I think the reason why I stopped playing the forest was I think I was getting a bit sick of it after the release because what happened is they removed a lot of features and changed a lot of things and it's disturbed a few of my older videos and it's hard because I don't want to mislead people but I've got to update them in us I just got overwhelmed by it all hey I'm thinking about just doing a video that just covers all the things that have been changed or removed from the game and hopefully people watch it as a means to let them know what's changed as to the VR playthrough I don't know what I'm gonna be doing with that one controls are really hard and it's just a silly thing to do it's just silly playthrough you can't take us seriously because the controls are so awkward I think that's why a lot of people who do they are on YouTube they don't take it seriously because it's hard controls are bizarre and the way it moves in the way it plays you just wanna have fun with it because it's quite silly finish these off and that one I almost forgot all the meats still here that's good it's a cover deer to get other turtles forever me and another turtle shell complete that and drop all the meats that I just got so god it's like day one I've got heaps of Maine doing pretty well so yes it equates that I've restarted and played season four four times but that's okay it's one episode I made up I didn't upload I still got it then it's crap too bored when I was playing it you could tell him my voice but that is enough for one episode and next one I'm gonna talk that stuff I'm gonna get them on next as well let me know what you think I should put my points into if you've had any experience for the smart let me know I'll put a link in the description of where you can get it too and if you like this video make sure you like and subscribe Cheers

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40 thoughts on “Starting Again…Again – S4 EP1 Modded | The Forest v1.08

  1. Farket. The Chosen One to be MCU's Wolverine. Enjoy Chicken breast and steamed vegetables for the next ten years 😆

  2. This video is older, but I wanted to add a note to a feature that could be added to the game. Every few days, the player must give a peace offering of various materials to keep cannibals from going awol and sending a horde to your base. It would give incentive for people to go out and get something, rather than sitting at base wondering what to do next, plus it would add a type of wave based combat to the game

  3. You know, I bought the forest when it just came out. I thought it was interesting, but not too entertaining as I caught on pretty quickly. I revisited it last week and thought 'well, the graphics got better but I don't see much else!'.

    I watched a lot of your videos now and I realized I simply didn't look hard enough. I didn't know I could make so many items or build so many things! I wasn't aware of the story that had progressed… so thank you! I can't wait to start my own Forest adventure!

  4. Sorry for the question of beginner, but how do you build one after another, without having to open the book? ty

  5. My player upgrade points mod doesnt seem to work, it appears in my modapi menu before i launch the game. however in game the hot key only brings up my cursor and nothing else. I use other mods with no issues and I launch the game from the modapi menu, I also have no exp bar

  6. i was going to say on the s3 finale that you should use mods but here you are doing it already! king of mind reading

  7. Hey Farket you seem to know the fertile lands like the back of your hand lol.
    I had a weird thing happen there up on the balcony-ledge, i built a large base and normally no attacks ever happen there except from the odd canibal coming from the pond side up the hill. I go to collect my rabbits from the valley and when I climbed up again i saw a freaking Virginia stuck on the door of my house like it came for tea!
    Is that a glitch or a rare spawn? Has it happened to you? cause I know you build up there occasionally..

  8. i just installed a new sub to my computer desk and i must say your videos are by far my favorite to watch in terms of sound quality alone. i have been watching your videos for a year now, ever since i began playing the forest, and I've always known you're the most reliable source for information. thank you for all your time that you put into this channel.

  9. Hey Farket! Nice to see you back with the forest. 🙂 For the patches above 1.0 try color grading "texas" for best night vision. Cheers NoX.

  10. Farket, i find hard survival just annoying simply because u have to eat so much meat in a day for strength increase alone. I enjoy all other aspects but i wish something like berries actually had more calories. Cos i feel like i constantly need to be hunting or eating off drying racks the whole day. Not out of hunger, only for caloric intake. How do u go about meeting your calories for each in game day?

  11. Gosh this lets play never gets old no matter how many times you restart the game… its so much fun watching you do the things more than doing them my self, Welcome back Man, looking forwards for the next episode

  12. Sad to see the RP concept go, but love the new content, think yours is some of the best produced gaming content on youtube right now.

  13. Around 7:30 you talked about calories. You were almost full on "hunger" and you said you weren't watching your calories and that you needed more? Can you explain? I thought it was as simple as: eat food to make food bar go up. Keep food bar up. All good.

    Another thing, I notice that dried foods restore a TON of hunger. Almost all of it. Maybe 80-85%. Is this right? When trying to increase strength or athleticism, does your calorie amount matter?

    I would super appreciate an explanation. Thanks! And thanks to anyone who might have answers!

  14. I don't know if it's just me but your mic sound a little bit different, maybe it's because you reinstalled windows or you got a new mic.

  15. Yay Welcome back on The Forest, also there is cone flower right by the fertile lands, it's just up the cliff there by the other pond and daylight raccoon spawn ^^

  16. I just bought the game yesterday, i got the idea by accidentally watching your videos. You have taught few important things.

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