Std VIII | State Board | Science | Agriculture

Std VIII | State Board | Science | Agriculture

Hello students today we’ll start with a
new chapter agriculture many plants grow because their seeds are widely dispersed
in nature these seeds are carried away by air in the picture you can see
dandelion seeds carried away by air next is birds in the picture you can see
seeds which are dropped by bird next is water in the picture you can see coconut
seed carried away by water to the shore next is by insects pollen grains of the
flower stick to the insects body these pollen grains fall off wherever the
inspectors traveling seeds of trees like Banyan and people are dispersed through
the droppings of the birds in the picture you can see bird eating fruits
of Banyan and people trees which are dispersed by their droppings that is
through their waste matter so seeds are carried away by air birds water and
insects now let’s see nature nurturing plants how does nature nurture the plant
seeds take root easily if the soil is for time how does the soil become
fertile remains of dead animals dry leaves droppings of animals get buried
in the soil and are transformed into man you’re so dead animals dry leaves horse
man you make the soil fertile then rainwater also helps the growth of the
seed after that and the favorable conditions these seeds will take root
and grow into trees thus plants are nurtured by nature
itself now let’s see the power was this present scenario of the forest
many many years ago they were thick forests on the earth but now man cleared
forests to perform agriculture that is to grow variety of crops to meet his
food requirements and to make settlements agriculture for food crops
agricultural produce includes cereal foods cereal foods include rice jawar
meas wheat bajra and Wragge it also includes some pulses like China also
called as Bengal gram Oded called as black gram masu called as lentils
mooom called as green gram food called as her and muttley also called as moth
beans it also includes oil seeds now what are all seeds seeds from which oil
is extracted are oil seeds so it includes oil seeds like sunflower ground
nut linseed or java’s safflower see same or till and soya bean it also includes
some vegetables like cluster beans called as Kivar tomatoes colocasia or RV
bitter gourd or Kerala brinjal Chuck word snake code also called as purple
and fenugreek called as methi it also includes some fruits like pomegranate
Baba’s oranges bananas mangoes and jackfruit

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