Steven Universe | Spying On Earth From The Moon | Can't Go Back | Cartoon Network

Steven Universe | Spying On Earth From The Moon | Can't Go Back | Cartoon Network

to do a dream been Ronaldo it's the middle of the night you have to come to the lighthouse I found something weird you found something weird every day since my dad got you that telescope I know I'm amazing you won't believe my latest discovery there's something on the moon can't you call Nana Foix not a fourth time hmm this isn't the moon base it's always been there you have a moon base I have so many questions one why didn't you tell me about your moon base to take me to your moon base three why does it look like a barn it doesn't look like a wait what lapis thanks Lian it's super Worf takes a lot out of you huh hmm you meet both buddy you stay here and rest up okay I would lapis bring the barn to the moon what she wanted to get as far away from Earth as possible lapis lapis lazuli this is weird meat warps are still here ain't no lapis now what is going on I miss Stephen I can't believe it it's so good to see you again oh really what's going on I thought you'd be halfway across the galaxy by now aren't you worried about the Diamonds coming to attack I got distracted by this orb thing what is it promise you won't judge me I sleep with a teddy bear no judgments city please explain this to me this orb is an observation device the diamonds use them to watch activity on their colonies from afar Wow can I try sure whoa but lapis what are you using it for if you want more awesome stuff like this click the subscribe button will always save the day and if you think we can believing

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26 thoughts on “Steven Universe | Spying On Earth From The Moon | Can't Go Back | Cartoon Network

  1. Random person:Steven steven steven

    Steven:what do you want
    Random person:come to the light house
    i saw something

  2. 3:34
    Peridot: Why are you guys celebrating? That was terrible!

    Garnet: Welcome to Earth

    Peridot: I’VE BEEN ON EARTH!

  3. 2:53 I'm looking for the song playing in the background D:

    Edit: I've found that someone tried to take the voices out when the bg played and has uploaded the ost! Sadly is not an entirely clean version

  4. Steven: nothing left to do but dream 🙂
    Steven: Ronaldo it’s the middle of the night
    Ronaldo: I found something weird!
    Steven: you Always find something weird
    Yeah I agree with Steven

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