Stop HarperCollins from Using Indonesian Rainforest Pulp

Stop HarperCollins from Using Indonesian Rainforest Pulp

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uninteresting connection that we discover this week between rupert
murdoch’s newscorp which is is the company and deforestation of the rain forest in
that newscorp has a a book publishing unit harper collins and harper collins apparently we’re told
and has been a contributing to the deforestation in or how does that will happen what’s the
connection there will help us explain it what all of us can do because a lot of
those a lot of people out of you out there care about deforestation what’s
happening reinforce around the globe you talk about it is rainforest action
networks robin aber back robert welcome to the program thank you very much glad to be here
robin explain a connection between a harper collins then uh… deforestation
of the indonesian rainforest explain that connection captive in indonesia uh… one of the
leading drivers of deforestation is the pulp and paper industry and it phil what’s happening there it is uh… ida first level uh… these companies and particularly there’s
two large companies in indonesia hoot uh… control the mat da majority as the pulp and paper
industry there danger pulp and paper and a pro and um… so there they’re popping rainforest and if they
are converting on a map skill diapers natural forest into monoculture
tree plantations it typically they’re using uh… uh… tree you can call the
keyshia and so what’s happening in it that they’re popping the rainforest they’re
putting the pulp onto the global market and companies all over the world uh…
are are buying in in the form of various paper product silk that book that toilet
paper dot shopping bag and um… consumers worldwide are uh… essentially buying are getting rain forest
destruction um… without knowing it uh… around uh… executives addendum
erin’s examiner thing that uh… reforestation accounts for a fifteen
percent of greenhouse gases so this is this is a big issue just in terms of
uh… our missions right in terms of uh… global warming it is and uh… indonesia help it
actually that third largest rehab appleyard in the world right after the u_s_ and china and in indonesia in
differently from china in the u_s_ most the vast majority about eighty
percent of their admission that coming from deforestation um… heroin indonesia if the huge
contributors tick climate change uh… as well as uh… just all of the other impact of deforestation webring imagine omens are right now be
able to get away uh… rollins you encounter any sort of
resistance on the part of groups in indonesian of who think that world were developing countries and we need this business from american
publishers amit we really don’t need outside was to sort of interfering with these industries i help us build our
economy uh… yet their therein you know d in the
industry interest particularly the pulp and paper industry
it darien influential uh… bade basically grew up under a desk you hurt
every gene and have a great amount of political power uh… within the current contact
indonesia in politics so are the companies involved clearly don’t like it uh… pressured to
change their model but erage many people many ngos many people
to inviting members community member to our fighting that uh… in indonesia and
um… marriott bear there too early repentant happening in indonesia
uh… but there at great length and pick among
a group in indonesia as well as outsiders to campaign and and changed the industry this when we traditionally think of
attempts to control climate change we think it’s things like haven’t read we think of sort of smokestacks or more typical coronations oil rigs in and
things like that is the legislation in the united states
or are international and we think of the
kyoto protocol and other international climate change agreements that would apply that would also include
the rain forest and and deforestation or and made it may
be on i’d maybe that are in business and they’re
saying carries no uh… their n added i have to admit
light area expertise but there is and within the declining negotiation there
the whole track called ari dethier ret and um… basis actually a framework in which there’s been debate
and basically uh… looked too there’s been propellant funding um… where uh… industrialized nations will put money on
the table um… that would go to uh… mostly
uh… you know places like indonesia or brazil
where there’s a large impact for us to help hate cute heat forest ending um…
defeat of sorry didi rate now is that they can make swivel out there the overall kleiman uh… you know free-market at that point
international negotiation it also aaram bared all picked out a uh… work armin in california under beat climate legislation here in this
any under eighteen thirty-two how
californians also looking at how can we find uh… heaping forest ending in other countries
at the way to uh… potentially off set emission uh… in eight well that a question for in terms of the
consumer level is their anything particular we can do i mean for example
not buy books that are published by harper collins or left harper collins
know that we’re concerned about the impact that they are having on the ring
for some you know are these specific time creek steps that all of us can-do or should do absolutely so are the connection at
harper collins is we actually did fiber testing on their
bets thing you can take paper from about kurt anything actually and depended kill arabs and get
attempted and find out what treat the people are in the paper and at weekend
buddy that you make a tropical hardwoods and acacia were found a make a tropical
hardwood barrick eventually bring forestry uh… and virtually all of that is coming from
indonesia and it those sister may be contacting
harper collins us it would be saying hey what bernard buying any more books that
you’ve published until you change this absolutely so there isn’t that action on
ramp website right now that people can go and take at rand dot org uh… tibco on harper collins videotape an act of
policy that would insure that been but not happening into the future and certainly people should you know go
ahead and contact the company directly with their concern uh… tell them that you know in pale rainforest destruction
until they can be guaranteed every interest attraction is not in your book they’re going to be looking elsewhere rather never back with the rainforest
action network and again the website is randy dot org people can get more
information that ran the dot org is that correct that tracking reverend dot org for
everybody who cares about the rain forest in a lot of you out there do
uh… it you know of the letting harper
collins know that you know you’re not buying anymore harper collins books
until they changed the source saying on the paul peninsular coming from the rain
forest then uh… you know if we can all take action even with that and uh…
robin we appreciate your being on the program thanks we partake action is a
good luck to you thank you very much your very welcome addendum erin’s this
week as a continuing to rembrandt at the same in
here you know i i never saw realize i mean just that just biding purchasing a america’s that make sense that you you
do that the the pulpit goes in the books of this
contributes to deforestation but the idea that an american company harper
collins at such a direct link to it struck me as is somewhat surprising do i think it’s not that surprising when
you think answer that we have just incredibly international
global economy every consumption that we make i mean just to take another example
right the walmart workers that we’re making
clothing that were then sold in walmart and that horrible fire at the factory in
bangladesh these or we don’t yet have an infrastructure for
tracking the impact of or consumer habits in this
kind of an economy we we’ve made a very we know the technology that makes it
very easy for a company like harper collins a source their paper from all
around the world including in these were extremely sensitive rainforest in
indonesia and we’ve made it very easy for retailers like wal-mart and target to purchase calling its main faction
terrible labor settings but we don’t have a great way of
moderating the consumer protections in those areas we’re integrating way of
monterey with the insensitivity of the actual uh… would from what from what’s our
paper goes in uh… comes comes and uh… that’s that sort of on us not to come in we can
test the paper after the facts there needs to be as part of trade
agreements and as part of service our entire world economy systems that they get it before it
starts and and make sure that that they really international
regulations preventing how american companies can stand source the paper and
how in in uh… danna i say like i uh… it’s been said that
uh… it goes to show that there’s a uh… i think we ought to certain civic
responsibility that we buy our books to read by our clothes that that you have a
better understanding about the way where does
this material come from and house affecting a plan of the world around us
because yeah i suppose you know a lot of us will just go out and buy something
because it’s prettier because it’s cheaper we like
that book or whatever but there’s so much more that’s a that’s
involved to the extent that all of us can be a little bit more aware and a
little bit more uh… knowledgeable of the impact of our
decisions on a daily basis and insert he serves almost and makes our community and makes
power were and speaking of making a world that
everybody coming up and take action is daniel as the segment how it should be
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of the sprites you’re listening and watching to a very special edition of
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