Supporting a Positive Environment at Work

Supporting a Positive Environment at Work

supporting a positive environment at work many people spend more than half of their waking hours in the workplace some aspects of the workplace are out of one's influence but there are many things that people can do to create a good environment here are some practices that can help make things more manageable to be able to find meaning in work and to have a harmonious workplace your positive contributions will help make a virtuous positive cycle to support yourself and colleagues have a sense of purpose reflect on meaningful goals and your work when things get challenging refocus yourself on the purpose of your work and who you're ultimately helping when you do reach your goals take pride in your accomplishment maintain a positive attitude having a positive attitude is an important tool in garnering support from others and inspiring your colleagues do not ignore problems but build on a positive stance and working towards realistic and constructive solutions rather than focusing on obstacles be healthy eat healthy food drink plenty of water get enough sleep and find time to exercise your physical state can affect your ability to think and communicate effectively getting rundown only detracts from your ability to perform well build social capital organizations are based on interdependence or mutual support and knowledge sharing building social capital or goodwill among colleagues is important so you can call on others to help you when needed and you can share your insight and support when others require assistance remain professional the workplace is a professional environment it's your responsibility to act professionally which means using tact and diplomacy stating facts before feelings and finding ways to get the job done even during trying times give credit where credit is due and appreciate those who help you above all treat everyone with respect

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