Survival Game – Educational Programs at the Humber Arboretum

Survival Game – Educational Programs at the Humber Arboretum

Right now we’ve got the kids playing
a big game of Survival. It’s a game that we tend to play in larger groups, and essentially what’s happening is most of the children are going to be herbivores, and they’re going around trying to gather plant stations that acts as food in order to survive while they’re also trying to avoid begin tagged by omnivores and carnivores who are able to eat them; steal one of their popsicle sticks, which acts at their lives. Now the omnivores and carnivores however, they’ve also got to do other stuff to survive. Not only are they capturing food in the form of the people they’re tagging, however they also have to find water. To do that they have to go around our large area here, and punch out their cards which has plant and water on it, identifying that they’ve found the sufficient amount to survive.

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