New Ag Curriculum Meant to Educate Consumers

[Macon, GA/John Holcomb ‚Äì Reporting] School is finally back in session here in Georgia, and with a new school year comes new opportunities for kids to learn and develop themselves for their future. This year, one of those new opportunities comes in the form of a new agriculture education curriculum that was signed by Governor […]

Bovine Breeder™ artificial insemination simulator

Hello, we’re excited at RealityWorks to introduce our newest product, The Bovine Breeder Artificial Insemination Simulator. Now, the simulator comes in two different color options the brown or the black and white, allowing for you to really choose what best fits where you’re at, your location, and what you want your students to be artificially […]

POTATO | How Does it Grow?

Can you guess America’s favorite vegetable? Here’s a hint: we really like them fried, fried, and fried… We more potatoes than any other veg, yet it’s really easy to forget when you’re munching on those chips, that you’re really eating fried slices of plant root…well, not exactly, but we’ll get to that, because we’re here […]

OSU CASNR | National Teach Ag Day 2018

♪ Music ♪ Teaching agricultural education is something that has run in my family. My dad was a high school Ag teacher for twenty-seven years, and then I taught, and now I get the opportunity to prepare future teachers here at Oklahoma State University, which is just a wonderful position for me. My oldest son […]

Agricultural & Extension Education

[music] Hi, my name is Everett and I had an ag teacher that changed my life, and I want to be the difference-maker in someone else’s. When I graduate, I’ll not only be able to teach welding and ag mechanics, but animal science and ag business as well. I’ve learned to handle livestock, grow gardens, […]

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