Plant and Environmental Sciences

Do you love the world around you and want to have a career making it better? In the Department of Plant and Environmental Sciences, you’ll learn how to prevent water shortages, sustain the environment, breed disease-resistant plants, and preserve native seeds. You can even prepare for medical school and discover new ways to fight cancer. […]

An Urban Food Forest and Therapy Garden

– Now we’re going to show you two more case studies, Lana and Angelo. Now they’ve started off as my students, with no previous experience and now I’m very pleased to say, they’re my friends and my colleagues in permaculture. Now if there’s one thing I want you to take away from this video, and […]

Brazil’s indigenous land is being invaded

The Karitiana are an indigenous group in Brazil. They live on protected land, deep in the Amazon rainforest. When it was established in 1986, it was surrounded by rainforest. But today, it’s almost completely surrounded by farms. This kind of encroachment is happening across the Amazon. Brazil has over 400 protected indigenous lands. But its […]

Desert Food Forest Chop-and-Drop

[Narrator] We need to have a good look at this canopy, because it’s going to change. What we’re going to do with the cooler weather, and a tiny bit of rain last night, we’ve had some good rain already. We’re going to start cutting these trees here. This is Leucaena, there’s a bee actually, feeding […]

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