Advances in Precision Agriculture Expo

The alarm warning us that we’re coming to the end of the field. Precision AG is the basically the idea that we’re going to use GPS technology to do things and farming a little bit more accurately, a little bit more efficiently and be more productive. Today we’re out here highlighting different equipment sets that […]

The Farm to Table Spring Harvest Dinner

The Farm to Table event is an excellent opportunity for our students to do learn by doing. They have planted the produce, cultivated it, harvest it, and they’ll be helping our chefs prepare the food. The food is all locally sourced, sustainably grown, healthy, and delicious. We’re also going to be featuring five different student […]

CUCUMBER | How Does it Grow?

Cucumber – I know, it’s the stable, dependable friend in our healthy salad relationship. Cucumbers are so ubiquitous, we hardly notice them at all, but it’s the one vegetable we’ve been taking for granted. Because to grow that perfect refreshing cucumber, it takes way more work than you realize. How much? Well, that’s what we’re […]

Agriculture & Rangeland Management Program

Do you like to work outside? Are you seeking a hands-on career with animal and plant life? Join the Agriculture and Rangeland Management program at Chadron State College, and work, play, live, learn and grow. Our program features hands-on activities in the classroom, experience in the field, and outstanding facilities, including our new, state of […]

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