Desert Food Forest Chop-and-Drop

[Narrator] We need to have a good look at this canopy, because it’s going to change. What we’re going to do with the cooler weather, and a tiny bit of rain last night, we’ve had some good rain already. We’re going to start cutting these trees here. This is Leucaena, there’s a bee actually, feeding […]

Kelp Could Save Our Oceans — If You Eat It (HBO)

— A new climate study out today estimates that significant human carbon emissions actually began more than 100 years before scientists previously thought. That could move the tipping point for irreversible temperature rise even closer. One of the primary causes of human-driven climate change is industrial farming. But a new form of agriculture could reverse […]

Food environment research: An introduction

People interact with their food environments on a daily basis to acquire and consume food. Food Environment research has been developed in high-income countries in response to the high prevalence of obesity and non- communicable diseases. New insights on food security and malnutrition in all its forms may be gained by addressing food environments in […]

Transpiration in Deciduous Forest

Now we have a question from Nikolas, “In many climates there is as much “or more rain in the winter season. “What happens to the 48 plus percent, “of rainfall the trees transpire, “and the 25 plus percent, “that evaporates off the leaf surfaces, “while the deciduous forest have no leaves, “and aren’t transpiring?” Well, […]

Fast-Tracking Food Forest Permanence

Hi, Geoff Lawton here. In the food forest area where we’ve been doing a fast establishment and we’ve actually used a rotary hoe to change grass, weed regime quickly into a fast food forest at this time of year. Let me show you the comparison of an area right next door. Here’s our cattle laneway, […]

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