Missouri State Parks (1960s) Part 1

Few other states in our country have been more blessed by nature than Missouri. For here is Americana at her very best. The golden prairielands to the west the wide and tranquil rivers the green and rolling grasslands the rush of sparkling waters the majesty of forests and the rugged range of Ozarks. Though they […]

Air Force – Environmental Health Officer

My name’s Flight Officer Shawn Walden. I’m an environmental health officer in the Air Force. It’s my job to protect people from the environment in which they live and work. I go out into workplaces and out into the field and do assessments, and try and determine the health threats. There’s things like thermal effects […]

Urban Agriculture Blooms

hi I'm Matt Dan's go with Discovery News we're here in New York City at the science barge to learn about sustainable urban agriculture sustainable urban agriculture is a way to grow food in the city either on buildings or in vacant lots and available space to reduce food transport into cities and really grow […]

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