“Land of Leaping Lechwes” – Fantastic Wildlife Safari in Busanga Plains and Kafue, Zambia 2018 (4K)

Busanga bushcamp Plains zebra and blue wildebeest Lechwe antelope Oribi antelope Grey crowned crane African fish eagle Cape buffalo Puku antelope African elephant Lion Great white pelican African open-billed stork Wattled crane Hippopotamus Yellow-billed stork African sacred ibis Senegal coucal Bushbuck Greater kudu Spotted hyena Leopard Yellow-billed stork and african spoonbill Nile crocodile Cattle egret […]

“A River Valley full of Life” – Fantastic Wildlife Safari in South Luangwa NP, Zambia 2018 (4K)

Zungulila bushcamp Greater kudu with yellow-billed oxpecker Puku antelope Rhodesian giraffe Lion African elephant Chamilandu bushcamp Cape buffalo Plains zebra Hippopotamus Impala African wild dog White-fronted bee-eater Spotted hyena Common waterbuck Llilian’s lovebird African sacred ibis Hamerkop Egyptian goose Saddle-billed stork White-crowned lapwing Blacksmith lapwing Great egret Pied kingfisher Red-billed hornbill Red-billed oxpecker Bushbuck Lizard […]

2016 Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards Winners

COMM: The results are finally in for this year’s Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards. Now in its second year, the awards hope to raise awareness about wildlife conservation issues. This year saw a staggering increase in the number of entries. With over 2,000 photos to choose from, the judging panel were overwhelmed by the standard. Not […]

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