Ag Literacy Corps: Exploring Local Food Systems

(inspirational music) I’m Craig Chase, Program Manager for the Iowa State University Extension and Outreach Local Foods Program. We’re here today to talk about local foods and local food systems and where your food comes from. There are two primary food systems in the US. The first system is the industrial global system, which consists […]

Online Master’s in Agriculture – Kraig Peel

I’m Kraig Peel and I’m the Director of the integrated resource management graduate program online at Colorado State University. I’m passionate about the program, and I’m passionate about having the opportunity to teach others about agriculture, and the reason is we need to understand where our food comes from, and our country and our citizens […]

The Women of Georgia Wildlife: Linda May

My name is Linda May, and I’m an Environmental Outreach Coordinator for the Georgia DNR Wildlife Resources Division. I work with anyone who wants to learn more about nature, about wildlife in particular, anyone that’s curious about the natural world. So, that used to be more students and teachers, and now it’s kind of segued […]

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