Detroit River International Wildlife Refuge

(Music Playing) In the 1960s, the Detroit River was one of the most polluted rivers in North America. Today, it is one of the most remarkable, ecological recovery stories in North America. We are literally transforming the Detroit River from a polluted rust belt river to an international wildlife refuge. The refuge is a community. […]

Shrublands – Biomes Episode 3

Often overlooked, these relatively arid regions of earth take second or third place to forests or grasslands when it comes to beauty contests. Too dry for trees to flourish, we’re left with a mix of shrubs and grasses, spanning the subtropics to the temperate latitudes. Having a surprising biodiversity considering their parched appearance, these areas […]

Forest Fire Families

In 2003, I moved to this area from Jakarta. At that time we rarely saw fire. Then forests were being cleared, peat being drained. So now the forest, which conserves water, has disappeared. In the dry season, the water dries and evaporates easily. Before, when the forest was still intact, the soil could conserve water […]

Israel’s Wildlife Hospital

No matter if it is an eagle or a hedgehog or a chameleon, we try to give the same treatment for all of them. If you love wildlife, that’s the best place to be. The Israeli Wildlife Hospital is a hospital that treats wild animals that are coming from nature. They are wounded, they are […]

The Environmental Wonderland

Climate change has been dubbed “a mega risk” in scientific literature. No one in particular has caused it, yet it affects everyone. Rising average temperatures on earth due to Greenhouse gas emissions, as well as decreasing snow cover and rising sea levels have had a tangible and visual effect on human societies and a wide […]

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