USDA Researchers Working To Conserve Fungicide Use

U.S. Department of Agriculture researcher Doctor Kenneth Deahl (deal) studies potato blight at the Agricultural Research Service facility in Beltsville, Maryland. It caused the Irish Potato Famine in which more than three million people died or migrated and it’s still a master disease today. Deahl and his colleagues study plant diseases like late blight that […]

Students Learn About Agriculture And Science

Middle school students learned about agriculture and a whole lot more at a U.S. Department of Agriculture garden just outside of Washington, D.C. The students were on a field trip to the Agricultural Research Service’s Student Discovery Garden. When we say agriculture a lot of people just think about plants and a chicken or two, […]

USDA Researchers Helping Plants Defend Themselves

U.S. Department of Agriculture researcherRichard Jones wants to help plants defend themselves against disease. Currently, Jones is working with potatoesat the Agricultural Research Service labs in Beltsville, Maryland just outside of WashingtonD.C. One of the biggest disease problems is referredto as late blight. And it’s an organism that gets on the potatoesand then sweeps through […]

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