How to Protect the Rainforest

[The Brain Scoop theme song] Corine: So, Emily, this is one of the trees that was cut down here. This is about 2 meters in diameter. It’s just a huge tree that, who knows, may be 2000 years old. Emily: Wow. Corine: Yeah. And cut down for timber. And this is one of the sort […]

Wildlife Biologist – Career Spotlight

I absolutely love being outdoors, getting to study new species [group of animals] all the time. Learning about how they affect the ecology [animals and their surroundings] of an environment [where the animals live] is fascinating to me. Conservation really means protecting wildlife and when I say wildlife, I’m not just referring to animals, but […]

The Science Love Song

I’ll be the spark if you’ll be the flame Start a reaction that can’t be contained Balance your pH by sharing my base I’ll be your star if you’ll be my space ‘Cause there is no distance that I wouldn’t go Through space-time and wormholes my matter would flow, to the edge of the universe […]

Bird is the word for UTRGV researchers

The National Science Foundation awarded a UTRGV assistant professor more than half a million dollars to study parrot babble. (Parrot squawk) Let me explain. A lot of animals vocalize but only a few learn to vocalize from a tutor. Usually a parent, listening to it, processing what the parent is vocalizing inside their head and […]

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