Seaver Stories | The Rainforest

(piano music) (upbeat drum music) – So, I’m Lee Kats, I’m a biologist at Pepperdine. We’re on our way to La Selva Biological Station, a lowland Caribbean based research station. Where the group of students and biologists are gonna study poison dart frogs. – We’re all researchers based in California. And so, what we’re coming […]

2. Environmental Justice and Cumulative Impacts

(upbeat music) In the second module, we’ll cover two concepts that are important in understanding the CalEnviroScreen tool. The first is environmental justice, and the second is cumulative impacts. What is environmental justice? Under California law, environmental justice is defined as the fair treatment of people of all races, cultures, and incomes with respect to […]

Great Valley Museum: Grasslands

(Birds and nature sounds) Grasslands are expansive plains, with few trees, where the dominant plants are grasses and wildflowers. These are mostly shallow-rooted annual plants, that set seed for only one short season. Much of the early Central Valley cover consisted of perennial bunch grasses; mostly purple needle grass. Standing from one to five feet […]

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