California Cattle Drive – A Likely Story: America’s Heartland Special Episode

>>Coming up on America’s Heartland, we’re visiting a place you’ve likely never heard of before!>>It’s a friendly town, everybody knows everybody, everybody knows everybody’s business. [laughs]>>We have a t-shirt that says, “Where the hell’s Likely.” [laughs]>>Saddle up and come along on a cattle drive in the tiny town of Likely, California.>>You hate to give up […]

NAAEExCalWater H2OChallenge

Mrs. Jones talked to me about the possibility of a challenge it’s called the CalWater challenge and we applied for the grant and we found out we got the grant and so we spent about a month working very hard our goal was to come up with a sustainable idea to save water at Shasta. […]

Battle of the Cheeses – Episode 814: America’s Heartland

America’s Heartland is made possible by: The United Soybean Board whose “Common Ground” program creates conversations to help consumers get the facts about farming and food. There’s more at: The American Farm Bureau Foundation for Agriculture. Dedicated to building greater awareness and understanding of agriculture through education and engagement. More information at: Farm […]

Forestry & Natural Resources at Columbia College

Located on 285 acres of mixed conifer forest, oak woodland, and chaparral, in the central foothills of the Sierra Nevada; Columbia College is the perfect setting to develop the skills, knowledge, and experience necessary for a career in Natural Resources Management. Students in the Forestry and Natural Resources Program gain valuable experience amongst campus features, […]

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