California Dinosaurs and Their Environment

my pleasure to welcome Richard Hilton as a professor of geology and paleontology at Sierra College in addition he serves as Panta logical consultant and his chairman of the Sierra College Natural History Museum dick has published widely in the field of vertebrate paleontology and has written a book entitled dinosaurs and other Mesozoic reptiles […]

Ecology of Valley Oaks in California

this program is a presentation of uctv for educational and non-commercial use only my name is Kyle funk I work for Walt Canada here at Hastings we're starting the reproductive ecology of Valley Oaks and we're sitting here under a Valley Oak that has a bunch of catkins out and should be dissing pollen into […]

Local Agriculture – America's Heartland: Episode 913

America's Heartland is madepossible by… Farm Credit –Financing agriculture and ruralAmerica since 1916. Farm Credit iscooperatively owned by America'sfarmers and ranchers. Learn more at CropLife America –Representing the companies whose modern farming innovations helpAmerica's farmers provide nutritious food for communitiesaround the globe. >>Hi I'm Jason Shoultz. At no other time in historyhave you had […]

Nature of the Mind

so I guess you and I sit here until my death learn commercially good morning welcome to UC Santa Barbara we are so glad to have you here for this very special event with His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama this morning this morning's lecture on the nature of mind is unique an opportunity for […]

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