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[Dr. Zorn-Arnold]: Hi, my name is Dr. BarbaraZorn-Arnold, and I'm a Program Chair and full-time faculty in Environmental Studies here at AshfordUniversity. The Environmental program is truly interdisciplinaryin its approach, our courses examine the relationship between the environment and factors that influenceit, including cultural, social, and economic issues. I think the most unique thing about […]

A New Kind of Renewable Energy Storage

we turn to our partnership with George Washington University's planet forward which seeks out innovative ideas to help our environment california-based engineers may may have found America's energy future by looking to the past railroads planet forward host Frank Sesno has more wind and solar great ideas totally renewable but one of the big questions […]

An Ecology of Mind

the question is is it possible that Newton's worldview served us Western world for several centuries and now it's time for something new in our evolving well certainly I I think that would be in arguable in that it gave us the Industrial Revolution it gave us an increased agricultural technology it did very much […]

How Columbus Changed Our Climate

this graph shows historical levels of co2 in our atmosphere extracted from Antarctic ice Co you can clearly see that there is a quite pronounced drop in global co2 levels after the discovery of America in 1492 this drop also coincides with the coldest part of the Little Ice Age with temperatures up to 1.5 […]

#16 What if we change – Food Security and Environmental Transformation in Ethiopia

Ethiopia is a vast country with a long history it's 89 million people from an integral part of the Horn of Africa for decades the Ethiopian government numerous international organizations and individuals have struggled with the recurrent problem of food insecurity despite positive contributions in times of emergency food aid and other humanitarian interventions can […]

America's Climate Choices

we have very clear evidence that the global climate is changing the temperatures are increasing and have been increasing over the last century how do we know that the Sun isn't causing the warming we've been measuring the output of energy from the Sun for 30 years from space and there's no net change and […]

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