EVs and Climate Change

Thanks very much Yantao. And thank you all for coming out this afternoon. As Yantao said my research is in microbial genetics and since this is kind of an unusual topic I wanted to share some of my thoughts and experiences with regard to these issues: Zero emission vehicles’ impact on climate change. Some of […]

2010 Winners on Disney Channel 365

Disney 3-6-5 Hey everyone, with all the info of all things Disney 365 days a year, I’m Regina. in the middle of Iowa where everyone in Mrs. Schnedler’s 6th grade class and the rest of the school. is about to find out that they just won Disney’s Planet Challenge! Mrs. Schnedler, students, you guys are […]

Learning Environmental Science

Environmental science is about how nature operates and about how human activities affect that operation. And since it’s really fundamentally about nature, it would be great to teach environmental science in nature. That’s a bit of a challenge with 450 students. But in my class I do my best to try and get the students […]

Global Warming and Climate Change Documentary

Global warming and climate change are not only interlinked but quite similar in terms of topics. The word global warming is quite self-explanatory but the reasons and impacts of the global phenomenon are not that simple to understand. Whether or not you have previously heard of global warming and climate change, this is perfect for […]

Protecting Farmers & Renewable Energy #Hart2020

– Renewable energy. The pace in which the innovation, the progress, the change; it’s not fast enough. The fact that we’re slowly shifting to renewable in 2040, 2050, and I’ve seen 2075. Climate change is real. It’s growing every single second. The oceans are becoming more acidic. Plants are dying. There’s pollution, GMOs across almost […]

IREE: Renewable Energy Inspiration to Application

Even before IREE had its official name of the Initiative for Renewable Energy and the Environment, I think we were sort of concerned about the three C’s – that is to say, coming up with communications, coordinations, and collaborations in this field of renewable energy and the environment at this large and comprehensive university. The […]

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