Aseptic Gowning for the Cleanroom

Here’s a quick quiz! Look carefully. Which of these poses the greatest threat to a sensitive biomanufacturing process? Give Up? She does! People – even the cleanest of people are naturally…well, naturally dirty or contaminated. In addition to constantly shedding loads of hair and skin cells and breathing out a plume of diverse microorganisms, our […]

What is Clean Technology? (To the Point)

[music] Our planet is changing everyday. We are now seeing some of the impacts of climate change like floods, wildfires and drought. So how do we fight climate change? One solution is clean technology. Around the world, clean technologies are reducing our greenhouse gas emissions and lessening the impact that we have on our water, […]

DIY: Make Swamp Water Drinkable

This video is sponsored by Next Games, creator of AMC’s official game The Walking Dead:No Man’s Land. I put a link in the description so you can go download the game for free and it comes with a special offer! I’ll tell you about in a few minutes. What’s up guys welcome back for this […]

Urban Agriculture Blooms

hi I'm Matt Dan's go with Discovery News we're here in New York City at the science barge to learn about sustainable urban agriculture sustainable urban agriculture is a way to grow food in the city either on buildings or in vacant lots and available space to reduce food transport into cities and really grow […]

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