Earth's Natural Resources and the Human Race

earth with all its perfectness beauty and flawlessness earth with all its unequaled unparalleled unmatched awesomeness earth the only known place in the universe that supports life gone dead destroyed how will the future of Earth's natural resources affect the human race by yours truly earth's resources are depleting at a record pace and that's […]

Climate Models | Global Weirding

you can't trust those climate models they're already fixed to give the exact answer you're looking for and even then they're always wrong right little right no climate models are not just a simple equation that says if carbon dioxide goes up by X then the earth's temperature goes up by Y nor are they […]

Climate vs Weather | Global Weirding

it's freezing outside so clearly all that global warming is a bunch of hooey right winter or summer the temperature of the planet is ticking steadily upwards since 1900 the planet has warmed by one full degree Celsius or 1.7 degrees Fahrenheit and each of the last five decades has been successively warmer than the […]

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