Our Shared Climate Future

my name is Jen Kay and I’m a professor at the University of Colorado. in this video we introduce the greenhouse effect and discuss our shared climate future. what is the greenhouse effect? you’ve heard of it but can you explain how it works? the physics for explaining the greenhouse effect start with the stefan-boltzmann […]

The Green New Deal, explained

Every few years, they gather to tell us what’s happening to our warming planet. In 2018, they had some news. “It’s very clear that half a degree matters.” This is a chart of how much the global temperature has gone up since we discovered fossil fuels. For a long time, scientists said that we should […]

New tech, lower emissions

– Have you ever read the book “Zero to One”? – No. – Okay, it’s by Peter Thiel and basically it talks about how you can make a thousand types of candles or something like that but that’s going from 0 to 0.1 to 0.2 so on and so forth, but to go from a […]

To Protect and Preserve

The Great Lakes contain 90% of the United States surface fresh water over half of that water is contained in Lake Superior alone the Ivor 3 is an autonomous underwater vehicle that we use to collect data about the biological geological and physical processes taking place below the surface the Ivor 3 can go on […]

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