Ocean Pasture Restoration

I’d like to thank you for watching another Scientists Warning program. I’m the host Stuart Scott. We’re coming to you from the UN climate negotiations COP-25 in Madrid, Spain. I’ll give you a contact address in case you have questions or comments for the panelists , the two that are here and the one that […]

Master of Environmental Science

Environmental Scientists work with industry and government to create solutions to some of the most pressing problems facing our society.  We’ve created specialisations where students can focus their interest. These range from specialisations that focus on policy and resource sustainability strategies through to technically orientated specialisations focused around environmental rehabilitation and monitoring.  Having a Master’s […]

NASA | Aquarius Ocean Circulation

Ocean circulation plays a key role in distributing solar energy and maintaining climate, by moving heat from Earth’s equator to the poles. At the ocean surface, currents are primarily driven by wind. Deep below the surface however, currents are controlled by water density, which depends on the temperature and salinity of the water. In a […]

Mysteries of the Southern Ocean

Jorge Sarmiento: It’s very very far away and it’s a very severe climate, and very hard place to work. Oscar Schofield: It is an extreme environment. There’s not many places on this planet that is truly untamed and unexplored. Sarmiento: It’s mysterious because there’s a lot of things going on that are very very complex. […]

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