Oceans and the Climate

I want to tell you today about the role of the oceans in climate and much of what we feel as far as climate goals has to do with the atmosphere the temperature of the atmosphere but it's important to realize that a very large part of the climate signal resides in the oceans so […]

Europe Physical and Climate (1)

you your first heading that we're going to be looking at is physical geography of Europe your first subheading is seas peninsulas and islands europe and asia share a common land mass called Eurasia it's the connection between Europe and Asia Asia is connected with Europe west of the Ural Mountains most of Europe lies […]

Climate change worst case scenario

the topic of climate change is ramping up as we get closer to the Paris Climate Change Conference this December global leaders will convene in another attempt to reach an ambitious deal for reducing emissions so let's imagine the worst-case scenario for a moment let's imagine that over the course of the next several decades […]

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