MDG 7: Ensure environmental sustainability

VOICEOVER: Climate change is already affecting many countries, particularly in the Pacific. It’s exacerbating current environmental and development challenges and, if left unaddressed, holds the potential to stall and reverse progress towards the MDGs. Kiribati, which already suffers many environmental challenges, is one of the most vulnerable countries in the region. (SPEAKS LOCAL LANGUAGE) TRANSLATION: […]

Oceanic – Secrets of World Climate, Episode 7

Cool oceans. Westerly winds. Storm-driven rains. Half-way between equator and pole, the lands on the westerly fringes of the continents are dominated by their neighbouring seas. Mild winters. Mild summers. If you excuse the constant ocean storms, cloudy skies and rain, then these are not lands of extremes. Having some of the most dramatic coastlines […]

Ocean Acidification — Changing Planet

In Antarctica, few animals can survive the howling winds and frigid temperatures up on the land, blanketed by snow. But here, in the Southern Ocean, under the serene cool blue ice cover, Antarctica is teeming with life. In these frigid waters live creatures that would feel right at home in a 1950s monster movie: giant […]

Advanced Conversation with Jennifer on the Environment & Climate Change 🌎

Hi everyone. I’m Jennifer from English with Jennifer, and I’m ready to share another current issue. If you’d like to communicate more confidently and effectively in English, remember to subscribe to my YouTube channel. I have videos on many different topics, from current issues to grammar, and everything in between: pronunciation, vocabulary, reading, writing, listening, […]

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