Our Shared Climate Future

my name is Jen Kay and I’m a professor at the University of Colorado. in this video we introduce the greenhouse effect and discuss our shared climate future. what is the greenhouse effect? you’ve heard of it but can you explain how it works? the physics for explaining the greenhouse effect start with the stefan-boltzmann […]

Andrew Steer: “World Resources Institute: Stories to Watch” | Talks at Google

REBECCA MOORE: Welcome to a sure-to-be-fantastic presentation by Dr. Andrew Steer of the World Resources Institute. It’s my pleasure to introduce Dr. Steer. My name’s Rebecca Moore. I lead the Google Earth team, which also includes Google Earth Engine, Google Earth Outreach, and we’re affectionately known internally as earthlings. My team has worked with Andrew’s […]

Flying better together. Austrian.

There are many beautiful places in Austria which are well worth a visit. Nevertheless, people are flying more than ever before. Flying enables us to travel to far away countries, get to know new cultures and trade all over the world. When and why was the last time you flew somewhere? However, the reality is […]

Not IF Drought Will Happen, But WHEN.

[Music] [Title] Not If Drought Will Happen…But When This is Isaac, his wife Halima, and their family of seven. They live in the arid lands of the Horn of Africa. Isaac earned a living and had modest savings from his livestock but when his son fell seriously ill, Isaac spent all his savings on treatment. […]

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