Environmental Engineering

Environmental Engineering has a significant impact on society from the local community to the global community. All aspects of our daily life are influenced by environmental engineering from the water and energy that we use everyday and the wastes we produce. Environmental engineers seek innovative and sustainable approaches to benefit society.

Latin America: Environmental Conditions

Throughout this course, we have identified how climates are affected by latitude, atmospheric pressure, and elevation. In this video, we will establish how these three ideas combine to create extreme ranges in environmental conditions within each nation of Latin America. In addition, we will explore how climate is a major factor in determining the distribution […]

UM Wildlife Biology Program: Dr. Dick Hutto

I’m Dick Hutto, professor in biology and wildlife biology. I’ve been at the University for about 35 years, taught ornithology, ecology, field ecology. My research in the past involved the ecology of migratory songbirds that breed here in Montana and winter south in Mexico, trying to figure out the effect of tropical deforestation on migratory […]

Project PaWiKAN | Ocean’s 4

We’re Ocean’s 4 from the Philippines! People polluted the oceans with both liquids and solids that formed oceanic garbage patches all over the world. The garbage affected climate, poisoned marine life, along with their human consumers. So, say hello to Project PaWiKAN! An autonomous fleet system for worldwide oceanic garbage collection. We track patches with […]

Seaver Stories | The Rainforest

(piano music) (upbeat drum music) – So, I’m Lee Kats, I’m a biologist at Pepperdine. We’re on our way to La Selva Biological Station, a lowland Caribbean based research station. Where the group of students and biologists are gonna study poison dart frogs. – We’re all researchers based in California. And so, what we’re coming […]

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