Focus on the Positive – initiative for UCL researchers

[Music] Academic research can often feel disconnected from what’s going on in the real world. There are things like chemical engineering, atmospheric physics, theoretical mathematics, many people just don’t realise that they have a practical application. Here at UCL, we’re trying to change that. [Announcer] Good evening and welcome to Focus on the Positive, hooray! […]

PEEC: Bringing You Closer to Nature

Sigh, I wish there was something to do. Lucky for you, there is. Explore the great outdoors. Well, I’m not really an outdoor person. Nonsense! Let me show you. [BEEP] Where am I? Welcome to pure, wholesome nature. Where’d my stuff go? You won’t need any of that [bleep] here. Look at that bird! [Hawk […]

Is The Earth Flat Experiment!

my kneecaps are gonna snap in the middle today's experiment is round or flat today we have this highly scientific machine and we're gonna get a little push we're gonna be in here if the earth is flat we'll stop the earth is round we will continue to move that my friends science yeah everyone's […]

Hopes for our climate future

when we talk about climate change we talk about catastrophe a disaster movie that we want to avoid and this makes sense unmitigated climate change would be an unprecedented disaster but just talking about all the negatives that we want to avoid isn't exactly the most motivating thing I want to believe in something hopeful […]

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