Grasslands for Gamebirds and Songbirds

Grasslands for Gamebirds and Songbirds is a partnership with conservation agencies including the Indiana Department of Natural Resources, US Department of Agriculture, non-profit conservation groups and other sponsors to Develop and improve grassland and pollinator habitat in targeted areas in Indiana. Whether your interest is helping pollinators, wildlife viewing, gamebird hunting, or conservation-minded land management, […]

Diversity and Inclusion in Natural Resources

Historically, mainstream conservation has been a movement led by few. These few were amongst the generation of names like John Muir and Theodore Roosevelt. All remarkable contributions, but all were men, white and wealthy. Today, we continue to see homogeneity of race broadly in natural resources. Census data shows that the U.S. is 77% white. […]

2018 Gold Medal Finalist Video

Nestled in the hills and valleys of the Pacific Northwest, Tualatin Hills Park & Recreation District provides amazing recreational opportunities and programs throughout our community. With a commitment to social equity, health and wellness, and conservation, THPRD serves a community of 250,000 people. [Felicita Monteblanco] “I think what is really exciting is that we think […]

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