Inside Economy of Argentina

With rich natural reserves and a major producer of agricultural products, Argentina has been known as a huge exporter of citrus fruit, beef, grape, honey, maize, Yerba mate, Sunflower seeds, to name a few. Argentina is the second largest economy in South America and the third largest economy of Latin America. A country with a […]

Career and Technical Education Teachers Career Video

Being a teacher doesn’t always mean working in a classroom… career and technical education teachers can also instruct students in workshops, fields and kitchens. Career and technical education teachers teach students practical subjects to prepare them for a future career in fields such as auto repair, agriculture, healthcare fields, or culinary arts. Like all teachers, […]

Environmental Management – Postgraduate

This course has been running for over 25 years and it continuously evolves to reflect changes in both national and international environmental issues their management methods and practices and techniques The course provides the framework for understanding how to measure environmental performance and manage their associated issues A team of dedicated and specialist lecturers with […]

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