Farmer suicide: a national issue ! | Sustainable Agriculture | Mr. Subhash Palekar

Welcome to this a very important dialogue with Krishi-Rishi Subhash Palekar on sustainable agriculture Subhashrao, I was recently in for a science congress or Bharatiya Vigyan Parishad, Vigyan Bharati, science India movement, people science movement organises in Punjab and occasion there were many international scientists coming there to see why Punjab farmers are committing suicides? […]

Mob Grazing in ND, Krista and Jay Reiser, ND

I Am crystallizer and this is my husband Jay and our sare grant was about developing a mob grazing system system to improve the sustainability and profitability of a cattle operation in North Dakota and today We’re just going to give you some tips and tricks on electric fencing watching animal performance what we learned […]

West Nile Virus in Horses (8/10/19)

(folksy music) – Sure, so, with a uptick in our mosquito population, there is a number of diseases that mosquitoes transmit so we may see an increase in their disease incidence. So West Nile is one that comes to mind, but also all the equine encephalomyelitis, equine infectious anemia, anything that’s transmitted by a biting […]

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