Children’s Environmental Health Curriculum

Want to get middle school students excited about environmental health? Now you can with “Healthy Kids and a Healthy Environment.” The fun and engaging curriculum teaches children how to become champions of our environment. You simply ASK, DO, EXPLAIN. Kids use exciting hands-on activities, like games, singing, rapping, and role-play to explore and learn about […]

Learning In The Natural World (2016)

– [Ella] Environmental education is studying the natural world and learning more about it. Hopefully learning to care about it, feel comfortable in it, and therefore they will take care of their natural environment and be stewards of their environment when they get older. – [Debbie] Intellectually and physically, and spiritually, and emotionally, being in […]

PSYCHOTHERAPY – Donald Winnicott

How do you build a better world? There are so many well-known, urgent places you might start: malaria, carbon emissions, tax evasion, the drug trade, soil erosion, water pollution… Donald Winnicott deserves his place in history because of the dramatic simplicity of his approach. He proposed that the happiness of the human race depended ultimately […]

MBT – Agricultural Scientist

I’m Dion Bennett, I’m 23 and I’m an agricultural scientist. Agricultural scientists work on problems within the primary industries, and looking at ways that we can increase food production. The two main types of wheat you have in Australia are bread wheat – which is the most widely grown crop – you also have durums, […]

Why Some Countries Are Poor and Others Rich

هناك ١٩٦ دولة في العالم، ٢٥ منها غنية جداً حيث متوسط الدخل للشخص الواحد يتخطى ١٠٠،٠٠ $ في السنة هي: لكن هناك الكثير من الدول الفقيرة، و بعضها نعتبرها هنا شديدة الفقر هذه أكثر دول العالم فقراً: حيث متوسط دخل الشخص تحت الـ١.٠٠٠ $ في السنة، أو ٣ $ يومياً كل دول العالم في طريقها […]

LinkedIn Learning for Higher Education

– The practice of job searching hasn't changed much. Networking, referrals,demonstrating skills and so forth. But the way we do it has. Today, it can all happen in one place. And that's LinkedIn. It connects the world's professionals, and creates economic opportunity for every member of the global workforce. And LinkedIn Learningcombines our high quality […]

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