Empowering Educators

the idea that I can improve kids lives with respect to social-emotional learning makes me feel the huggable I love literature but I didn't get into teaching because I love books I got into teaching because I love kids we're impacting the world as a teacher and I think that's great responsibility and it's great […]

Waukesha County Environmental Education Program

I watched a county executive Paul Farrow we're here at the eb shirt center and we are kicking off a new environmental curriculum today we have the kindergarten students here from Rosalind Elementary and they are our first group of kindergarteners out doing our pilot curriculum for our collaboration between Waukesha County Carroll University and […]

What's Education For?

يتفق الجميع على أن التعليم هام جدا الشيء الذي لسنا متأكدين منه هو ماذا نريد من التعليم؟ ينبغي أن يكون الهدف من التعليم لنستعد للتحديات المستقبلية لحياتنا ومن هذا المنظور من الواضح أن المدارس فشلت نوعا ما في تحقيق هذا الهدف سواء في المدارس الخاصة الأكاديمية العالية أو في تلك المدارس الحكومية التي لا تستطيع […]

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