Battle of the Cheeses – Episode 814: America’s Heartland

America’s Heartland is made possible by: The United Soybean Board whose “Common Ground” program creates conversations to help consumers get the facts about farming and food. There’s more at: The American Farm Bureau Foundation for Agriculture. Dedicated to building greater awareness and understanding of agriculture through education and engagement. More information at: Farm […]

Stephen Babcock: Agriculture’s MVP

♪ ♪ Welcome back to the 1890 Dairy Bowl presented by the Wisconsin Consumers. We’re here in beautiful Madison, Wisconsin. The future of the world’s dairy industry is on the line. We’re gearing up to watch the final minutes of this epic battle between the Wisconsin Honest Farmers and the Cheaters. Let’s take a moment […]

NRCS Wildlife Enhancements

sherry Sexton owned with my husband and family Irish Ridge dairy we milked around 130 between us and our daughter Stacy we run about 300 acres alfalfa corn barley peas we sell our bull calves as newborns so we don't raise any of them up but we do raise all our female offspring everything from […]

When Food Destroys Nature

from a close call with tapioca to an environmental catastrophe this is what happens when food destroys nature before we begin be sure to subscribe – they will kill you hit the like button and request any topics you'd like to learn about in the comments section below number eight tapioca timebomb in 1972 a […]

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