Viking Oceans: Gjetost – Norwegian Goat Cheese

(gentle Nordic folk music) – In the land of the northern lights, locals carved out a life amid Norway’s imposing landscapes, but they’re not the only ones who enjoy this rugged terrain. (gentle Nordic folk music) (goats bleating) Goats thrive here too, and archeologists say they may have roamed these lands for 5000 years. (goats […]

Grasslands Conference 2009 Chris & Sally Maslen

Welcome everyone. This is Speldon Partnership. I’m a third generation dairy farmer with another generation on the way. Myself, my wife Sally, the kids Charlotte and Nicholas. We’re on a 292 hectare property in the middle of Gloucester, milking 500 cows generating 4.2 million litres of milk for sale. We also lease 200 hectares for […]

Grassland Conference 2009 – Bungay Dairy

So I’m Gene. I manage Bungay at Manning Valley Dairy in Wingham. We’re currently milking between 8 and 900 cows, all Friesians. Our herd are predominantly Holsteins. There’d be a handful of crossbreds. But yeah, the majority are Holsteins. Looking to lift production out to around 9,000 litres a cow, milking that off about 700 […]

Grasslands Conference 2009 Col Cowan

My name’s Colin Cowan, dairy farm here at Hannan Vale. Property is approximately 140 hectares. We have a milking area of about 75 hectares. We milk 180 to 190 cows all year round. We produce 1.65 million litres a year. The property is predominantly kikuyu and Paspalum. During the autumn from about the last week […]

Grasslands Conference 2009 Walcha Dairy

Welcome to Walcha Dairy here on the northern Tablelands of New South Wales. My name’s Peter Notman. I’m owner along with my wife Elaine of the property here. So it’s situated about 45 minutes south of Armidale. My home is South Gippsland, a small placed called Poowong. It’s predominantly a dairy farming area situated about […]

Best Speech You Will Ever Hear – Gary Yourofsky

p”Gary Yourofsky: Fighter for justice” “‏4 anti-fur activists arrested” “Animal rights activist vows to live and die for his cause” “Animals Are Slaves To The Circus” “Activist stages protest outside circus” “Driven by a passion for justice” “Taking a stand and standing alone” “Activist chained to car at Shrine Circus” “Yourofsky chained to car at […]

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