Turkey Run State Park | Indiana DNR

Turkey Run is an amazing place. It is very unique in Indiana. It has perhaps some of the most beautiful vistas in the whole state, it has 100 foot relief and so people are often very surprised when they come to this park as was Richard Lieber, who is considered the father of Indiana state […]

Farm Bill in 2013: What’s Next

So, in terms of what’s next, I tried to lay this out in really plain terms. In February, we’re going to have a debate and some kind of decision over sequestration. In other words, is congress going to come up with a budget plan that avoids the automatic cuts kicking in on March the 1st? […]

Grouper Moon – Trailer

Nassau grouper are an icon of the Caribbean. You see them in artwork, they’re on postcards, they’re on the covers of dive magazines, they’re representative of the Caribbean. For most of the year, Nassau grouper are solitary creatures each inhabiting its own territory on the reef. But during the winter full moons the fish gather […]

The Thin Green Line | Indiana DNR

Not everyone’s cut out to be a law enforcement officer and even fewer are cut out to be Indiana Conservation Officers. It’s no easy task making it into our recruit training process. During our hiring process we will conduct a very thorough background investigation on each recruit candidate including a polygraph. If you fail to […]

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