Inside Economy of Brazil Crash Course

With Sao Paulo as its economic capital, Brazil is the ninth largest economy in the world by nominal GDP and eight largest by PPP (Purchasing Power Parity). It is a mixed economy and its growth depends on import substitution. The currency BRL (Brazilian real) is valued at around 0.258 USD, and the country is a […]

The Nature Place Leadership Development

At The Nature Place so much of the learning and team building is achieved through dynamic outdoor activities. The High Ropes Challenge Course… …5 Billion Year Walk… …Astronomy… …Insights Discovery… …Saw Mill Business Scenario… …Rock Climbing and Rappelling… …and Forest Walks act as metaphors for life and are tied to your business by focusing on […]


the world is becoming more and more interconnected never before in human history has there existed such an intense relationship between international trade communication and politics the term globalization is all around us sometimes as an opportunity sometimes is a new challenge but what exactly does globalization mean and what are its ramifications even though […]

Piaget’s Theory of Semiotic Function Updated

Piaget’s theory of semiotic function for early childhood to early elementary age students. The pre-operational stage. Semiotic function is the ability to use symbols, language, pictures or gestures to represent actions or objects mentally. The objective here is to measure a subject’s semiotic function by Showing a set of images and asking them to explain […]

Is Homosexuality in Your Genes?

Scientists have recently discovered two gene variants that are more common in gay men than straight men, adding to the evidence that homosexuality is, at least, partially genetic. This news may actually sound familiar to you, as studies in the early ‘90s also identified regions on the 8th and X-chromosomes that were correlated with homosexuality. […]

Inside Economy of Argentina

With rich natural reserves and a major producer of agricultural products, Argentina has been known as a huge exporter of citrus fruit, beef, grape, honey, maize, Yerba mate, Sunflower seeds, to name a few. Argentina is the second largest economy in South America and the third largest economy of Latin America. A country with a […]

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